Silence Is Its Own Style Of Feedback

  How many times in our lives have we lost touch with someone from any part of our lives? It could be from work, play, the neighborhood, or what have you. We spoke to them all of the time and then out of no where, they are gone!! Poof, Bam, Pow!! You look for them in any way that you know how to and you come up with nothing. If they are really important, you go deep into all sorts of social media and you eventually wind up connecting with them. I have done this a few times in this life and it is so much fun to feel the results afterwards. It just feels great to know that you are loved enough to be sought out by anyone for that matter.

   Now for the reason that this post was thought of in the first place. I find as I mature that human beings have so many unique ways of communicating and they may not all be for each one of us. I now know as an adult that no one owes any other human being anything at the end of the day. We are all here to place our mark on the world in that special way that only we can and that is what we do.  So what happens when someone that you care about goes silent? Do you reach out to them as much as possible until you get them? Do you assume that you know what is wrong and hold a grudge against them? Maybe you ask other people that are connected to them and hope that they know? Lastly, maybe you just let them go on about their journey knowing that you showed up in an authentic and loyal fashion as you always strive to? You know that at some time in the future when they decide to reach back out to you, your arms will be wide open and accepting. Do you actually know anything about what you will say or do if they resurface? Actually, you probably do not.

   I have pushed these sentiments out into the universe because it soothes me to do so. Some people may feel that when they are ridiculed or treated unfairly or misunderstood, that silence is the way to even the playing field. I have learned that it is not. In many circumstances, it is quite the contrary. I have a good friend who is estranged from a lifelong friend of his to this very day after 10 years of silence. He told me that he would welcome them as if nothing had ever happened if he would just reach out.He has no idea what he did to arrive in the silence between them. I feel the same way about a few people in my life at this very moment. How do I know if I have offended a person if they do not say so? Is my style of communication such that I would knowingly do that? The answer is unequivocally no not at all.

   The magic of continual silence is that it usually lets things be settled and transparent for the most part. Watch a glass that has some fresh squeezed juice in it after about 5 days. You can see it in the body language of a person who has chosen to meditate for one hour, or even in a child who is captivated by its favorite television show. No speaking, connecting, sharing, or exchanging, is certainly its own form of communication. How we manage it and why tends to tell us everything about our mental and physical schematics. I am experiencing this right now. As I mature, I am becoming more and more concerned about my connections than I ever thought that I would. While I do not allow toxicity from another to linger too long in my personal space, I do seem to want to dissect it. Not necessarily to appease the other person, but to not make the same mistake again in the future. Then I realized that our internal road map can only be navigated by us. Veering off track of someone Else's expectations and taking it personal is insane.

     So there you have it. Even that which is cloudy and misunderstood can also be magic if you claim it to be. So, I am claiming it to be right now!!!!Blessings to the silent ones and their reasons to be so. I send you all by best energy and I am moving forward with a smile and a no grudge clause, starting right now.



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