Randomly Seen And Experienced Today

 I was on the train and a very large man got on and looked for a seat. He say down rather sloppily and abruptly. The woman next to him smiled and laughed a little bit. He apologized and told her that he is so tired that he almost fell into the seat. Although it does not matter to me, the man was black and the woman was white. Why do I mention that? Strictly because I love to see people of different races getting along with no effort at all. It can be done. It is done quite frequently. For this reason, I am so surprised at all of the racial things that have gone on in the past few years. I digress. She made a comment afterwards and he laughed and then they laughed together. Just 30 seconds prior to that moment, they did not know each other at all. In a stop or two after they had not been talking anymore, she got up and turned back to tell him to get some sleep and to have a good night. That interaction made me happy and it was so easy and effortless. We need more love in the world.

  There are a few holiday markets in NYC. They are in 3 different high traffic areas in Manhattan every Christmas. The markets have wares from independent artists and they are very interesting and unique for the most part. I meandered around one today and it was really wonderful. I was stimulated by the artisans and could not stop thinking about how my creations could easily be here and be bought by the masses. What I have to offer could easily make people happy during the holiday season. So I decided to go to the information desk and get the skinny on how to become a vendor in 2016. I met a great guy named Eric. He had a warm smile that made me feel so welcome. Then I thanked him for being so kind and answering my questions. He then told me that my energy reminded him of a goof friend of his that he had to connect me with right away. He called him and then just as he got him on the phone, he had to hang up because another person walked up and need his attention. I gave him my card and he told me that he would reach out to me soon. I thanked him again for the compliment and I moved on.

   Also at the market today, I ran into a guy that I had bought a necklace from about 5 years ago. He is from Argentina. This guy has such a great spirit. I had first seen him on the street in Soho. Long story short. I stopped in front of his kiosk (I love that word), and he smiled and remembered me right away. It is true that we love it when someone that we have not seen in ages still remembers us. Great artist and jewelry designer. There were so many things on his table that I loved. I remembered his first and last name. He had made a lasting impression on me as well. He was also very moved that I remembered both of his names.I always remember the people who seem to really care about what they are doing as well as who they are speaking to. I also bought things from him, so he had an impression from that as well. He asked me if I was still performing and I told him yes of course. He told me that he would reach out to me soon. The sales were coming in, so I had to let him concentrate. I want to help him out as much as I can, so HERE is his site.

     I also saw a quote that made me think today in a magazine article. It was simple and very powerful. It read, "Wisdom comes with winters". That is from Oscar Wilde. I love that.

     Lastly, I read and article about a man named Stewart Butterfield, who is the CEO of a company called SLACK. You can find it HERE . Anyhow, I read that his birth name was actually Dharma. His parents were from British Columbia and they were serious hippies. He changed his name on his own later. Random info, however, look him and his company up when you have a free moment. The service is free and its and app I believe.

      Another year is about to be a blur. I am just amazed. Be well..



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