Just So You Know My Good Friend

You can call me when you are happy or sad.
    Our relationship has nothing to do with Facebook.
        When I do not hear from you, I notice more than you know.
           If we make plans and you cancel them, it matters to me.
              We are all busy in one way or another.
                  Social media has made us quite unsocial right now. 
                     I can tell when you are not fully engaged during a call.
                        If you ever need to talk really late at night, try and call me.
                           If you say that you will call, I do notice when you don't.
                              Don't let any circumstances dictate your inner beliefs.
                                When you say that you want to get together, make it happen.
                                   The past has nothing to do with right now.
                                      Just 5 Facebook posts could be 10 minutes of talk.
                                         We are trading "actual" contact for FB contacts.
                                            I am truly committed to being here for you.

                                                This posting is to no one in particular.
                                  It is however, to everyone that felt they needed to read it. 
                                   If it resonated with you, then that means you needed it. 

                                                            With the utmost respect,                       



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