Inspiration Elevated

   Today has been a day of high octane inspiration. I had a very powerful call that lasted an hour with a sharp and engaging young man. I prepared a song for a talented woman that wants to audition for a show or a spot in some production. I then played guitar, researched some strange chord constructions on the guitar, and had a wonderful meal with two very special human beings that mean so very much to me. These are the days that send the mind into bliss over load.

    Have you ever spoken to one of your parents and instantly felt grateful for the part or parts of them that are now part of you? I mean you hear them talking and you tell yourself that you would have said that exact same thing, only a tad differently? They have influenced you in the right direction and now it's your life credo or method of navigating it all. That is powerful and I am just so very humbled by it.

     Then there is getting a call from someone who wants to pick your brain about a specific topic. Why did  they come to you specifically? The answer may be obvious to you at first, however, are we all aware of exactly how we affect others, which in turn causes them to reach put for us to throw them that buoy of knowledge and understanding. This cannot be taken lightly. It's like asking someone to watch your newborn baby. There is no question that you trust them and that you would get hurt way before you would let anything happen to them. Trust on that level is beyond moving.

     I was also inspired by a call that I got from one of my closest friends in the world. The conversation started with a certain cadence that I knew would lead to some truly deep words. It was about what the world sees in us that may be wrong just because of where they are instead of where we are. For example, if you are very quiet, does that mean that you are sad or stand offish? If you are loud and engaging, does that mean you are egotistical and insensitive? If you speak your mind without regard for the feeling of others, does that make you cold and selfish? I can say for sure that none of these are carved in stone. However, when people continue to see the same thing displayed in your proverbial storefront, they will assume that you are selling a certain level of goods. In other words, you tend to be categorized by the attitude that you have most consistently. So if you look grim, people usually keep a distance or just say very little if they can help it. If you are open to everyone and smile as wide as Texas, people may tend to think that you have no issues and no worries, and maybe even no spine at all. These things can also be totally false.

     This conversation that I had with this very important friend, let me know that they were aware of their actions and habits and wanted me to know that sometimes it just comes from being frustrated by those who make issues out of thin air. Those people who are worried just to worry. Those people who are not comfortable unless there is some drama just around the corner. I have encountered these people time and time again. It takes the mental strength of an ox to bypass them without any bruises. It's a lifelong process.

      It was a mentally exhausting day. My mind and heart were stretched like bungee chords that fall 200 feet below and then snap right back up!It felt good, but it pushed me outside of my average daily parameter. I don't judge days like this. I know that they come along for a good reason. I am still a student. I am still an infant mind. I am still a fine work in process. Keep striving, stay curious, and don't let fear derail you. Work your life and carve it to your liking. You deserve it and the world at large will thank you in strange and mysterious ways. Wouldn't you like to know exactly how? Sorry, you have to stay on the whole ride to find out.



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