Insider Female Information

  I could probably write an entire blog on women. I am not in any way claiming to be an expert on them at all however. They are complex and unpredictable and they have their own code for living. As a male I respect this and I study it diligently and often. As a man, to continue to see the details and to just be quiet and listen at times has served me well. There are some things that I wish I had just a bit of a warning before they took place, but hey, females would never give it all up at once to just be out there and exposed right? Of course they wouldn't. They love to keep us guessing.
  This posting is inspired by what I hear women saying when they are just speaking naturally and free. I was on the train today and two women were speaking about men. One was describing how a man had complimented her today and how he was so nice to just tell her that she was beautiful and then just leave the train wanting nothing else. I loved hearing this, partially, because I have done this in the past and wondered about the reaction afterwards. I had walked away on purpose, or the train had left or any number of situations. I have only done it a few times in my life, however, it felt good to do and I am sure that it felt good to be received. Being complimented on your looks just feels good.

   The fact of the matter, is that this woman and her friend highlighted how he left without wanting anything. Now this of course can be a highly teachable moment for most men. You could also say that a man wanting to speak to a woman at a later date from that meeting could be quite pleasurable if the energy was right. I mean we all see each other first before any words are exchanged correct? So if you like the way a woman looks, there is nothing wrong with that in my book. I will admit though, on many levels, my team needs to brush up on their opening conversation and body language. This is what seems to bring the house down very quickly. Women seem to always give the signs that let us men know whether they are about to Zig or Zag. The problem is that they both look the same most times and that's what leaves us in a lurch.

     Last week I heard another conversation that was not so pleasant. A woman had obviously broken up with a guy and her friend was doing her best to console her. She spoke of how he had no care for how she felt and that all guys are "F" heads. You can do the correct spelling in your head for that last sentence. She said, "Why cant guys just be real and step up to the plate?" I listened intently but very covertly, this was a very juicy and insightful exchange. By the way, I was writing in my journal in a Starbucks when this was happening behind me. Just to give you a bit of a clearer geographical picture. If I remember correctly, she then spoke of some other girl who he was now with and how she planned to drop all of his things at the foot of her apartment door. It got ugly. This was just one situation, I am fully aware that women are not all like this. However, hearing her rage and her pain humbled me. Her friend was quick to tell her that she had to move on and that her well being was more important than planning ways to hurt him. Good friend, great advice. I would have said that had I been given a chance to offer my input.

    To wrap it up, I also had a conversation with 2 women at the same time at a cafe last week just out of the blue and totally unplanned. This all happened because I was deciding on what dessert to buy and she told me I had to buy the carrot cake. She spoke to me like she knew me. I took it as a major compliment. Her and her friend were both in the medical profession. In short, as we talked, I had sat down at this point, we had a 35 minute talk. The main topic was how men were so disappointing and how neither on of them have had a satisfying sexual situation in quite a while. Wait, before you even think anything, these were very respectful and highly intelligent women. One was a doctor as I recall, and the other also saw patients on another level. I really was humbled that they were so open so soon.

     They said guys don't know how to warm a woman up or to make her feel comfortable before trying to just plow in like a sanitation truck returning to the yard at the end of a day. One of them even said that she had shut down and that love sucks and she is just not interested in it anymore. It was not just one guy that gave her this perspective for sure. What could I do about it? Nothing, because a women convinced against her will is of the same opinion still. Then one of them asked me how old I was. Wouldn't it sound so much better if people asked you how young you were? Just a side note. Anyway. One guessed 10 years younger than I am and one guess 4 years younger than I am. That made me feel good. One asked me to come and get a check up if I did not have a personal doctor, the other was very nice and smiley and full of life as well. She did manage to recount a story where she was properly taken care of in the end. The down side was that it was a random guy who was so caring and nice, but then she never heard from him again. When I was asked what did I think that meant, I told her that she was probably a challenge for him, so he decided to just not face up to her.

     This could be a collossal posting, so I will start my exit stage right now and I may write a part 2 in the near future. All in all, I love to get a little insider information about women every now and then. To know a woman better is to provide more blissful space in your mind to do many other things a little bit better on any day. There is so much more to say. I have also heard many other conversations that are worthwhile revisiting as well. Just a couple days ago, I had a women's magazine in my mailbox by mistake. It was Cosmopolitan, of course. The woman that it was addressed to has not lived in my building for at least 5 years. I guess I can bless myself with some more insider information. What do you think? Sail on magnificent ones. You are full of magic.



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