Goals, Roles, And What We Have Been Told

  It's that time of the year once again. Many of us will claim to change for good in the coming year. We will look back at our past year and realize that we are not as far along as we would like to be. Some of us will even see the past year as a success and strive to reach even higher. Many of us will take the past year and dissect it like a lab rat and see things that will make us cringe as well. Concentrating on deaths, breakups, money lost or stolen from us, as well as things that we should have said or done. I bring all of this up because I got a call from a great friend today that left me a message welcoming me to create goals for the next year with them. This is not an everyday request at all. However, I would expect this from this person. The focus, the hunger, the foresight to conquer the road ahead by setting the tempo as they wish instead of dancing to any song that comes on the radio. Which by the way, is a great talent to have as well. I did not reach all of my goals this year at all. However, I grew in many ways and loved all of the scrapes and burns that were served to me. Why did I love them, you may ask? Because, I do not plan to repeat them again. Some of them cut deep and very close to the bone. I will write my goals again before the first of January in a few days. I plan to be diligent and passionate about going after them. Perfection is not the goal, consistency is though.

   I was thinking about my role in life during this flicker of a moment in time. My gut tells me to pour all that I know into as many individuals that are hungry and in desperate need of it as possible. That can be anything from advise about love, to music knowledge, to hand maker skills, to even just lending an ear to listen. I have been asked what my role is in this life by a few people in my life. I seem to always sculpt my answer differently depending on who is asking. In the end though, I seem to have basically the same answer. Share, study, practice, listen, teach, and love very hard. This seems to take care of every situation that comes along. If these are taken seriously, nothing can slide through in my opinion. The question that keeps resurfacing is, can your role completely change because of a particularly unique happening? Why yes of course it can. In this case, we can all become a chameleon and blend in properly to shine brighter and more uniquely later. I believe this wholeheartedly. So are you playing the role that most energizes and strengthens you or are you just acting to stay above water? Just a question. You answer that one for you and you alone.

     Most of us have been told that life is hard and that people will disappoint you and that money does not grow on trees. I picked the top three that I have heard consistently for many years. So I break them down every so often just to put them to the test. Firstly, is life hard? Well, I have never in all of my years on this earth felt that life is hard. I choose to say that life is a challenge. If we knew what was coming each and every day, it would not be challenging. However, we are all expected on some level to stand up to life's challenges with completely different training and heart histories. It's not race, gender, or even geographical. We will all be stumped, crushed, confused, knocked down, or even halted by life's unexpected. For this reason, I call it challenging.

     Will people disappoint you? Yes they definitely will on some level no matter what. On the other side of the coin, what were your expectations that allowed that to happen in the first place? I have been there many times and I have paid the price over and over again. It may seem totally acceptable to expect things from people who you truly put your highest level of trust in. I have found that there is a way that makes this less painful though. I always have to remember that my own foundation is really what shields me from any disappointments. Case in point. If I own my microphone, cable, and mic stand, I can never blame anyone for having any one of these things that is not up to my standards. years ago, I had to use a community mic for a show. When I was not using it one evening, I watched another singer hit it very hard to see if it was working. I didn't enjoy this at all. I vowed to purchase my own microphone the next day. Now I have about 6 of them. I set up my foundation so that I would not have to endure that discomfort ever again. I chose to set myself up for success rather than allowing others to navigate my outcome. This applies to tangible items as well as states of mind.

     Lastly, money does not grow on trees. However, if you plant the right state of mind for abundance, you could definitely plant many seeds that can grow out of control in many ways in your life. I have seen many people who have more money than they know what to do with all around them. They come from all walks of life and they all have different focal points. Growing up, I never felt as though I lacked anything. Abundance was all around me in many forms. I studied it and never grew bored of the lessons that were constantly being served to me. Many of those were shown to me and not actually spoken. So to not expect abundance because a statement tells you so, is not good energy to me. There are so many people who are thriving that technically should not be. There are also so many people who are struggling who technically should be wildly striving. You may ask yourself what is the glue that can keep it all flowing? The glue is you. The glue is me. The glue is us. Think about everything that you have been told by the people that you respect the most. How much of it have you actually put into practice? On the other hand, how much of what you have heard from the common voice have you actually just taken at face value ans then crashed later on? Wherever you are today in your present body, mind, or spirit, answers those questions perfectly.

     I am not an expert. All that I have written is not the gospel by any means. I hope that at least one sentence on this screen as moved you even one millimeter towards a lighter journey. Be well..




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