Did They Feel Me?

  Today I came into contact with two different beings that made me once again pay attention to the ever present energy that I am constantly seeing and putting out into the world. Firstly, I was in a supermarket today and I was just walking around picking out a few staples. As I approached the line, I thought to myself, "What an interesting man that was in front of me." He had kind of a rough look, but he had an energy that caught my attention. I have no idea why, he just did. I immediately felt that it would be cool to just give a friendly holiday greeting and just say something. Then right when I was going to say something, he turned and pushed his fist out to touch my fist and wished me a a happy belated Merry Christmas. I returned the fist and wished him the same. Then the cashier did not see that my things were not in his purchase and she added some if them to his total. I told her, she apologized and took them off. I told the guy that he almost bought my groceries. He smiled and walked away after paying.

      A bit later in the day, I was walking down the street near my house. I normally see so many dogs right in front of my house. They are walking in every direction and their owners are very diverse. It goes without saying that animals have a sense of our energy and they can really feel their way into a kind or mischievous soul. So they were walking in my direction. A male who was about 50 years young and his mix breed amazing dog. I was thinking about how strong and beautiful his dog was. Another dog was walking by with his owner as well and the dog stopped to sniff it from behind as they do. Immediately afterwards thought, he pulled his owner over to me and received the love that he knew was coming. He then tried to jump up softly and lick me. Either way, we spent about 3 minuted just connecting and I spoke with his owner while I did it. He told me that dogs can always feel when you want to give them love or you have a great soul. That was nice to hear.

    Both of these situations were examples of energy exchange. We don't have a choice to give off an energy or not. We only have the choice as to what energy we give of when we do. So of course I asked myself after both of these interactions, "Did they feel me?" I believe they did and they responded almost right away. This is how energy works. I love and respect it. We are all walking energy and we release it daily. This magic truth is one that I carry around with me all of the time. It makes the world go round. Check it out...



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