Ask For It The Right Way

  I was always told that if you want something, you should ask for it. This applies to everything from a bag of potato chips all the way up to your own private island in my book. You are the only person that actually knows exactly what you want at any given moment on any day. I have had conversations with a myriad of people on this issue and I am amazed at all of the different ways that people see it. Each one of us is unique of course, so it's great that we see it in our own personal way.

   Now right before we ask for something, most times our inner voice is pitching a fit. I would guess that this is the same for most people. I cannot possibly know that this is on the money, but I would bet the farm on it. Well, I don't have a farm, but you get what I am saying. The voice is telling us that we may want to think of not asking for that thing. It may be telling us that we do not deserve it at this particular moment. It may even be saying that we are just not ready yet. However, this does not stop us from wanting it for our own personal reasons. Actually, when you want something, other people usually don't have to sign off on it before it happens. Unless it's work related or between your children or spouse that is. What I am basically saying is that if you really want something, you will stop at nothing to get it. Lets say for example, pushing yourself out of deep water to get some air. You get my drift.

    Now of course I could not write this post without bringing up worth. We all have a worth that we keep to ourselves. In other words, we all tell ourselves how much we think we are worth based on the situation at hand. Are you smart, attractive, financially stable, or even outgoing enough to approach that member of the opposite sex that is tantalizing you with their eyes? Can you handle owning your very own company where people answer to you each and every day? Would it be possible for you to complete a triathlon the first time without any struggle? We have to ask the questions to get the answers don't we? This is where we run into asking ourselves how much we are worth and whether or not we can ask for more and successfully handle it.

   Here comes the main course. How are we asking for that new addition to our lives? Are we praying to Allah or Jehovah? Are we meditating on it for hours a day? Are we writing it down on paper and reading it aloud before we go to bed at night? What is the correct way to ask for something that you feel you deserve without question? In my opinion, you cannot ask unless you see yourself already having it. Otherwise, don't waste your time asking for it on any level. A good friend once asked me if she should go to a specific audition. She expressed concerns that a certain person would be there that she thinks as it in for her. They had knocked heads a few times on a previous show. I remember her saying that she probably would not be picked because of the riff between them. So I immediately told her not to go. This irritated her a little bit and she told me that she was going anyway. She went in with a predetermined outcome and she was right on the money!!! She was not chosen.

    There is also the old demanding what you want from a person. I can honestly say to date, I have never seen someone demand something that they wanted from another human  and get it with grace and style. The delivery is everything. Respect and flow will prove to get you so much further in the long run. I wrote this blog because I asked for something that I felt I deserve today. I did it cleanly and with the utmost candor. The person on the receiving end will make their decision and then I will probably have to accept their response. I am also very aware that many times when you don't get what you want, you can go and create it on your own in some capacity. This does not apply to every situation of course.

      In closing, not getting some things that I have asked for in this life have strengthened me tremendously. I believe that when you allow others to decide how far you will go by giving them control of your trajectory, you generally lose. I feel that its better to ask for exactly what you want and feel the burn if that is what it comes to. Let's face it, if you get what you ask for, there will always be other wants or needs after that. If you do not get it, that will be it's own lesson as well. As the song goes, you can't always get what you want. Onward



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