When We Connect / Free

  Over the past few days I have had some deep and very real connections with some people that mean so very much to me. I make it a habit to always have these connections because they make me glow from the inside out. A great friend and exceptional artist asked me to link arms with her and take care of her place while she is going out of the country with her amazing partner for possibly a year. She began the exchange with the words, "I have called upon you because I genuinely trust you." This in itself gave me pause and I was truly moved. When another human trusts you, it sets the bar even higher in my book.

   This woman is an artist that I am beyond humbled by in so many ways. Before I arrived at her home, I had an idea in my head as to how it would look as the door opened. I am happy to say that I was 90% right on the money. There were very healthy looking plants, a very satisfying scent that permeated the entire place, and handmade jewelry, scarves, quilts, and of course a few instruments. We have always been kindred spirits from the moment that we met. It was very synergistic the way we met in a restaurant one day. That is a story for another time. Sometimes its just easy to flow when both sides are open and without any agenda or judgement or ulterior motive. Hold these souls close to your heart as you meet them in very small amounts in this lifetime.

    As we walked form her home to her partners home we had a very spiritual based conversation. The topic was basically what happens when you refuse to let an obstacle stop you. I told her a story of overcoming a particular minor obstacle that I experienced with a young boy that I mentor. As I told her the story, she stopped walking and took in the part of the story that touched her the most. I was caught off guard by this. It was not something that I thought would affect her so profoundly. It was a magic moment for sure. I saw her eyes well up almost to tears.

    This moment reminded me once again how important it is to share  our life experiences with others as much as possible. There are those who will listen and there are those who will ignore the messages that so passively give them the air that they need to stop their daily suffocation. We all have the power to share our stories. Little did she know how much she had always inspired me as an artist and as a strong woman who sustains herself with her universal gifts. I even wear a necklace that she made for me many days a week. I found myself trying to figure out ways to fill her pockets with more money so that she can become even more successful while I was in her place. There are undoubtedly people that would love the many forms of her artistry in their stores.

    I love the word "free". Not the definition that means without paying, the one that means without constraints or worry. Although, free of charge can be so nice at the right times. I saw a woman with this word tattooed on the back of her next the other day. I was purchasing some food and she had already started her meal behind me. As I turned, I saw the word on her neck. I was just about to take a quick phone shot, but I decided to ask her first. She said that it would be no problem. We then spoke briefly and I learned that she was a healer/life couch. We exchanged cards and spoke briefly. Her energy was clear and open. We also happened to have the same star sign. The magic in this moment was that she was exuding so much light and I just wanted tot be able to connect her to other like energies that mirrored hers, as well as to understand why I could feel it without actually speaking with her. The free tattoo helped, but it was not just that. If you are going to place a word on your body, let it be a word that excites you each and every time your eyes touch it, right?

   In closing, what a joy it is to connect and to be trusted. There is no substitute for these delicious things. Do you trust? Are you free? Can you say that you freely trust? Sit with that for a moment. Nice to have you here......By the way, here is how you can find Masani's art. It is really powerful..Click on her name below to see what she does.





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