Support. Public Validation. Gratuity.

  I am back from a well deserved time out. Nothing is wrong or imbalanced, I just followed my gut. It's funny how we can label things as wrong or not good or even bad without any solid facts to say that it is so. As much as I love to write this blog and expose insights and so forth, I silenced my typing/electronic voice for a little bit and now I am back. My channel "The Greye Zone", will also be released very shortly. I am committed to it being up and running before 2016.

  The word "support" has been following me around like a young boy to a puppy in the park. The people around me have been showing me such high levels of support in so many ways. I in turn, have been showing it back to others in a sort of pay it forward fashion. Truth be told, I love to support others in any way that I can. I was raised with this mentality and I have seen its magnificent returns in more ways than one. The best part about it is that I am not doing it for the returns. It's a habit that I love to watch in action. From my perspective, it's the glue that binds the world together. We all have a hand in it.

   I have yet another new student that is even further inspiring me. She is a woman with lots of strength and power. She wants to find her voice and she graciously asked me to help her to find it. This is humbling on so many levels. The most powerful being that she sees something in me that she trusts in pushing her forward. When I had had that sensation in the past, it is invigorating to say the very least. It's like taking the express instead of the local. Like hiring a personal trainer instead of just doing what you feel is comfortable. Like biting off more than you can chew on purpose, just to see how far you can push yourself. Linking up with something or someone that has more of what you feel that you need can be very fulfilling. Just to clarify, my first example about the train does not mean that speed is better. It was meant to convey the message that sometimes a solid push in the right direction that is a tad bit more aggressive and focused can pay off big time in some situations.

   So in line with my last paragraph, I was validated by one of my students online. I saw it and got a funny feeling inside. It was mixed with happiness, gratefulness, and surprise as well. When we are given public praise, I feel that a certain part of us tingles and another part may burn a little bit as well. By this I mean, it is telling us that someone sees us as the real deal as well as letting us know that on some level our collective diligent work is raising up to a new level. Of course later on, it can snowball into a level that we cannot control. As in a Grammy, Emmy, Trophy, or even a particular teaching style that is reserved especially for us. There are people that I look up to or go to for a certain vibration or clarity as well. They are solid in their talent or way of being and it inspires me. On the other hand, we have to all be connected to our own truths. Haphazardly ingesting the opinions and thoughts of others can be very damaging if they do not fit our own mental or emotional state. The validation felt wonderful in the end. It makes me want to raise my game solely because I have affected this one person. We can all celebrate anything internally. However, when we do it outwardly for others to hear, it is surely a magical thing.

   When you hear the word "gratuity", does it make you feel like you are in a restaurant? I can say that it does for me most times, however, I have a strong background in the food service industry. I have very detailed viewpoints on the word and it's meaning. Nowadays we order food at our homes and there is a charge added to the bill. Are they saying that we must pay for the fact that they are delivering our food? Or does it mean that they have taken the liberty of adding a fee in case we do not automatically recognize their great service? Either way, I see a gratuity as a warm gesture that says that the person who served you made the experience worthwhile and you are recognizing it in turn. Gratuities should not be demanded, in my book.

    In closing, to do something way over the top in a calculated fashion in order to get a bigger gratuity minus authenticity, is not exactly smooth sailing either. I have a friend who I feel sees money as a passage way into another human beings world. They are focused on the fact that someone supporting them financially, it with make them calm and further in control of their emotions and their life's direction. I actually learn so much from those who cannot support themselves financially. The way that they see things is so very insightful. I cannot make a blanket statement about them, however, I feel that when we only have our internal heart and soul to navigate us, everything else becomes extra. So when you support another person and then in turn receive public validation, does that then mean that you deserve a gratuity? Chew on that for a little while. Be here, right now. I believe in you...





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