Segueing To The Next Frame

  I love to blog about my high level conversations with others. Today I had one with a very intelligent person who was describing how they were letting go of the things that do not serve them as well as seeing human beings around them so much clearer. Being more aware of those who are truly there for them and those who may just be hovering. It seems that many of my conversations of late are about people not doing what they are truly meant to do. I mean how many people do you know that are happy to go to their place of business every day and feel like they are making a difference? It is not a high percentage for sure. As I have said before in at least two posts, we are generally not civilized that way. To actually do what you love and get paid for it is still a pipe dream for most people. Personally, I cannot see it any other way. Those miles less fortunate than me are successfully doing it.

   As the discussion went further, there was talk of drinking and debauchery that had taken place in the past and how there was no desire to do this anymore. I listened attentively as I asked myself why was I on the other end of this conversation? What was I sent here to learn? Surely there was a good reason. Then came the topic of our relationship with money. How we speak about it and what was our internal theme song that we heard inside of our heads when we were concerned about it. I do believe that abundance is a conversation that we should inundate our minds with as much as possible. Not to have thousands of material things, but to believe that we can manifest all that we require and then some at will. My good friend then told me that they did not even know how they were going to pay rent this month, but that they are going to let it materialize in the way that it is supposed to. I loved that statement. Do you ever catch yourself listening so hard to what a person is saying that you forget to talk when it gets quiet? That happened to me today.

   I named this blog what I did, because I love the feeling of segueing into newness. Be it financial, personal, business, or what have you. That incredible rush of blood that flows through you when you know that there is newness so close that you can taste it. Furthermore, you also realize that you are cause in the matter and you are focused on it wholeheartedly. I am in this exact place right now and it is exhilarating. You can only listen to others but for so long that tell you it cant be done, or that there is no more room at the top. Generally speaking, they only say these things because they are afraid of excelling, so they would rather not see you do it either. What good is the Ferrari without the keys? How can you run faster without the proper shoes? How much of what others are telling you is not possible are you actually listening to?

    So I find myself getting calls from people that want to partner up with me or from people that I can directly help with my current resources. I am excited about both possibilities. We are all just a few days away from a super size inspiration or change of perspective that could completely change our current state of mind. I made a list of things that I have to offer in a book that I carry around on the train ride home this evening. As I looked at the list, I knew that each and every one of the things were more than within reach for me to push harder on. Some are already out there, however, the distractions that I have allowed have halted a few of them. I have to take responsibility for them hands down. The magic in this is that I know what to do and there is nothing stopping me if I am to be real with myself. The gas pedal remains in the same place. It's just up to us to push down on it. Only then will our vehicle move with purpose.

     Where are you right now in your self-esteem/self-awareness area? Are you content with where you are and peachy keen? Or are you silently screaming for air as if you are being suffocated by a double ply plastic bag? Maybe you are in the middle and just don't know where to turn? Wherever you are, I can tell you with much conviction, that you have more resources than you think. Someone in your life is just waiting for you to reach out and ask for help, or better yet, waiting for you to inspire them to push forward. That's right, some people are waiting for you. Strange to read right? If you knew that after you made a big leap, certain people would move based on sheer fear that they would be looked at as weak, would you run faster just for them? Sit with that..

     I am off to meditate and focus on some of my short term goals. I am on fire inside. I know that it's because the universe is telling me that my feet are still too far from the gas pedal. Sending you some extra energy and light. Be good to yourself.



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