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   The past few weeks have not disappointed. I could not possible catch you up without you being on this page for at least 3 hours, so I will just give you the highlights. Well, I will give you some of them. Actually, I will just allow you to read some of my insights of late. I took the long way to get that out, I know. Let me just say that I am blessed, I am excited for so many reasons, and I am full of so much inspiration right now.

   Firstly, I wanted to write about priority. We see this word so much that it can be very unsettling at times. So what does it really mean to you? There is priority seating, mailing, purchasing, and so many others. This topic came up for me as I listened to the many different types of pre boarding there were as I waited to board a flight over the weekend. I started to think about how important priority is to some and how completely meaningless it is to others. Can we all get priority privileges? I am going to say that it depends. Will you pay for priority service each and every time? You most probably would not for the most part. But what about this people who seem to be treated with priority all of the time? Did they earn it for so long that now it's just on auto priority for them? If so, does that make them more important than the rest of us? These are just thoughts.

   We can all manage our priorities in life. However, that word can be so different from person to person. Also, if a company can do something faster for you by just charging you $60 more, then how fast are they doing it for you paying $15? I saw this recently as I prepared to renew my passport. The rush fee is quite humbling, however, I am not in a rush. On the other hand, there is someone out there that needs it like yesterday, and it will save their travel plans in a big way. There are entire businesses created based on speed and they make people happy and very much at ease. Just think, when you want to get something anywhere in the world, Fed Ex will get it there or you will get your money back. I have used it many times. Actually twice that I remember, they did not get it there on time and I got my money back. That is service with a capital S!

     When someone makes you a priority, they pay for it too. It's different, but it's very similar as well. It feels good, it involves sacrifice, and it also gives us a certain sensation on both ends. That word priority was swimming around inside of me today in a big way. I though of how some people are never given priority no matter what they do. I thought of how some people always have to actually pay for priority. I thought about how there almost always is a front of the line and a back of the line. That will never change, however, in one way or another, we can all be cause in the matter as to where we stand from day to day. Thank about it.

      Now to the exciting bliss wrapped inside of a newborn child. There is a new edition to my family.  I can only say that I was near her for a full three days and it was magical to say the very least. I have definitely seen many newborns in my life. I watch them and I study their movements so very carefully. They are the blueprints of life. What they exude is exactly what we are all here to do. We are here to love, observe, inspire, and marinate in the present moment. These are my own words and I realize that they might not be yours. I sat beside her a few times. I held her a few times. I watched her from across the room a time or two. The bottom line is, each and every time, she was present and authentic. She has only been outside of the womb for less than half of a month. Her eyes cannot focus any more than about 12 niches in front of her. She cannot explain any of her wants or needs with actual words that we understand. However, her energy was just perfect. It is hard to believe that we were once that small and that open minded, literally. My youngest sibling has a child and it moved me almost to tears. It was deep, very deep.

       Lastly, I have to give respect to those who set and example that things are possible. Anyone that shows you strictly through their own actions and /or results. It's there and it cannot be ignored or denied. This person in particular was a man of integrity and fluidity. He walked with confidence and ease. In the grand scheme of things, he is not supposed to be where he is at his age. However, we all know that we all have our own perspective where that is concerned. His success did not come easy, yet he carries it just as easy as he would a box of tissues. His family is his priority (there goes that word again). There is no doubt that there is nothing that he would not do for them. We spoke and his stealth integrity was so refreshing and real. He did not have to pretend that he was who I was speaking with. He made me want to fly higher, reach further, and most of all clear the blockages that had hindered me in the past. The greatest part of our interaction was that I am sure that he has no idea that he has affected me so profoundly. He set the example clean and simply. Onward



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