Lessons.Blessings.Lessons.Downfalls. Forward Propulsion.

  So nice to be back on this page. I am swimming through a sea of happenings, new beginnings, and most of all some lessons. Let me rephrase that, some seriously deep and soul shifting lessons. I can tell you with conviction that I am listening to them and taking copious notes both internally and externally. I am now convinced that most of the time when I don't write, it's because I am just a little afraid of my truths. I am working on that. Life is a whirlwind of information. We only need to grab a certain amount of it to become the powerhouses that we aspire to be. The rest of it should be discarded because it could potentially guide you in the wrong direction. We have all been there.

   I wanted to share a story with all of you that happened about a week ago that was so soothing and heart opening. I was sitting at an indoor eatery with a young man that I had only known for 3 days tops. He was a friend of a friend that told him to contact me once he arrived in the big town. We greeted each other with a warm and friendly handshake. I could tell that he was both intelligent and authentic at the same time. Our combined friendship with my friend that I have not seen in many years made it all stick together like the finest glue that there was.

   We spoke of his recent break up and how he was torn to bits by it. However, his focus was having the time of his life in NYC. I agreed that he should do just that and I would help him if I could in any way. Our conversation took us through many hoops and valleys. I shared some of my past experiences and he shared some of his. At a certain point in our conversation, he told me that he may never trust another woman ever again. I cautioned him to stay open and not close the doors based on this one situation. He asked how could he possibly do that. Then he told me that he wished in some way she could feel what he had felt. I instantly went back to a time in my life when I said something similar to a person that was talking to me. They told me that wishing bad, negative, or destructive thoughts on someone else is like swallowing poison and expecting the other person to die from it. That has resonated in me since that day many years ago. The statement reached him and he paused just for a moment. I was just regurgitating what had once helped me.

    What happened next was fascinating. A man that was sitting about 8 feet from us got up to leave and thanked me for releasing that statement. He told me that I just saved him $150 that he would have once again given to his therapist. He then urged my friend to take my advice. He apologized for eavesdropping and thanked me again and walked away. As I always say, there is always someone listening to the words that come out of your mouth. Real talk.

     That conversation was very therapeutic for the both of us. I was able to measure some of my growth since my last heart/soul crash and he was able to deal with his head on with someone who was listening and could reference it well. What a great exchange it was. I am very grateful for that hour and a half. Our new friendship had just gotten pumped up with some extra high octane fuel. You just never know when you will alter a life in any way, shape or form.

      On a side note, yesterday as I was walking through Soho, I met a musician that I have always just wanted to say hello to and compliment him on his style and talent. His name is Chris Botti. He was a friendly and warm guy who shook my hand and spoke for a few minutes. He took the time to connect and I even gave him my card and told him that maybe one day we will work together. He smiled and told me that he would look me up online. That was a soothing and magic moment. Not just because I ran into him so effortlessly, but because I had already planned it in my mind and just let it go. It happened and that's what is so refreshing.

      Now what I am about to share grazes my personal life just a bit. I will be vague in a sense, however, the message will be very clear. If you have ever had a person in your life that chooses to ignore you, shut you out, or to just remain in a state of high level denial, you will connect with this story. The fact of the matter is, none of us should invite behavior that is counter to our being anywhere near us. Many times this is easier said than done. On the other hand, once you get the hang of it, there is no doubt that it can be the brightest and most powerful feather in your cap.

      So if something you have done has rubbed someone the wrong way, yet they do not tell you what it is, how do you react? Do you excavate until you find the gold, or do you breeze over it like the air over a sunny beach. I believe that you will pick the answer that best suits you in this very moment. I breezed past it physically, yet carried it for the next 4 hours after it happened. I asked myself, would I prefer to carry pillows or bricks? That made up my decision in rapid time. I dissected it in my mind a few times and then I made the decision to just idle peacefully. I had not resolved it, I just chose to not cause myself any harm in that moment. I worked on seeing it from their perspective. Then I realized that I had no info that supported their behavior. I felt like I needed a seeing eye dog for their emotional state, which has been very consistent over the past year.

      The two people that have met me with obvious push back were both separated from almost immediately form a geographical sense. I did not run, I guarded my presence and my well being. I did not trust myself in those moments to not strike back. Put differently, I claimed my sanity. I hope that the previous paragraph has reached you in a clear and pleasant fashion.

       Isn't it fulfilling when you can feel something or somethings changing for the better around you? You start to speak differently, dress differently, connect differently, you even think differently. It's like having those little circles around your eyes that you look through at the eye doctor. The first ones are really blurry, and then, WALLAH!!!!! You can see through the wall!! Do you feel me? I believe at some point we should all be blessed with the gift of knowing that we are worth so much more than we allow ourselves to. That moment when what used to be just fine is now way under the bar. That moment when running with the other horses is just like running in the dark. You keep hitting the walls until you see a flicker of light that you run to immediately afterwards. It's really thrilling.

       Just to update you on "The Greye Zone". The first episode is almost edited and put up on my new YouTube channel. It's what I do not know about this process that drives me. I am excited and I would be thrilled to have you come along for the ride. I am experiencing so much magic right now and I have so much more to share with you. Challenge yourself and see if you can go an entire day without complaining. Most of us have heard this challenge from lots of people. Have you ever tried it? I can say that it can be very difficult, however, it can be very enlightening as well. I prefer the latter. Believe in yourself and let the sidewinders wander off to another terrain. Thank you for being here.



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