Keep Claiming It

  It's funny how we come into contact with people who are so comfortable with the norm. Their norm is usually not our norm, so there is a tendency to clash. However, why is it that we feel some sort of pull when we are claiming what we deserve? I am speaking of this times when people expect you to go with the crowd and you go left or right? If you are doing anything of value, who decides the value of it? There are many jobs in this life that pay an hourly wage. Can you guess why they pay an hourly wage? The short answer is that just about anyone with a pulse can carry it out. This does not shed any negative light on them, it's just that they cannot ask for a penny more and be taken seriously.

   Now to the other side of the coin. X person is great at what they do and it shows in every way. People call to receive advice from them. They set a standard that they work hard to keep up. They set themselves apart form the rest. If this particular person practices what they preach, they will always earn more at the end of the day if they ask for it. As I have written a few times before in past entries, no one is indispensable. There is always another person right behind us that can do what we do. They might not be located at the right time to do the job, but they are out there. None of us can believe that we are the top of the mountain, however, we can set a standard so high that the majority of people have a difficult time stepping up to it.

    There are also those who run on fumes. This means that they know that they are good, but they are just lazy enough so that they don't have to work any harder and be seen breaking a sweat. These are the people that want you to know how much they have achieved thus far and how influential they are. They name drop, take stabs at those who cannot swing back, and most of all are usually the most vocal of anyone in the room. They stamp themselves with florescent paint and then they place a neon sign on their heads. You see what I am getting at here for sure.

    So there it is. If we keep claiming our worth, it has to come to fruition if we align ourselves with our authenticity and drive. I believe this for sure. It's a tough road though, because most times you can be made out to be crazy and/or unreasonable. Is it unreasonable to eat when you are hungry or to brush your teeth in the morning? How about telling someone that you need some time on your own to think? These things are just normal everyday things. That is how it should be when we need to set our worth in any situation. We have to just keep claiming it. I cannot think of one good reason why we should keep the burning desire to claim our worth. Can you? What have you got to lose? I support you. Let the games begin!



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