The Power Of Together

 Many things seem as though they were created by one person. Other things seem like they were created by a group so large that it is mind boggling. The truth of the matter is that almost nothing can be done alone. As I helped out a friend today that will be away for quite some time, I had a moment to myself that made me happy to be a part of this particular process. I went to a home to make sure that a company came to clean their place. Then I checked some keys to make sure that they were operational and set to go as well as made sure that there were linens for the new guests. Then i had to make sure to place keys in a place so that the new people could come in. Then later another person will let them into the main gates so that they can find the keys that I left for them. It was a brilliant group effort.

   There are things that I plan to do in this life that I have not accomplished as of yet. One of the reasons for this is that I have not found the right partner to do them with yet. Now don't mistake for an excuse.I actually believe that some things take form when the pother half arrived to create  synergistic balance that makes the project soar! For the most part though, I work on my own until I can comfortably get the pieces together to move forward as a unit. Other times, I can initiate things on my own. I actually love it when people ask for help on a project because to me it means that my particular level of skill sets will drive the project even further ahead. That makes me feel great.

   I have been in a  few situations where a certain person wants to take credit for everything even though it was clear that it was a group effort. In this situations I prefer to let them do as they please until I know that the hull of the ship is about to crumble and then I stand up. I love to let people learn their own lessons. I mean let's face it. The more credit yo take, the more responsibility you have to assume going forward. Even the most successful companies and independent owners have to deal with countless issues that require diverse solutions. I don't think there is a person alive who can solve each and every problem that is thrown at them single-handedly. The power of together is real and it's powerful.

    In closing, I have learned form some very influential people that the more you help others, the more you will see less of your issues or life problems. I remember reading a Maya Angelou quote years ago that said that you must not go through life with two father's mitts on. You must always leave one hand open to throw something back. That woman still inspires me to this day. I must quote her at least twice a month. It's all about the power of two or more at the end of the day. I approve this message. Carry on blissfully and full of light.




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