The Happiness In Their Voice

  We all know that there are so many reasons to be happy. Its also true that we choose which one of those reasons to highlight at any time of the day. The emotions that we expose are just as obvious on the phone as they are live when it comes to us being happy. We are happy to see a certain person's name on our phone. Happy to see that a certain person came to support us. Happy that a certain person called us back when they said that they would. We are also happy when we know that we are not forgotten. But by enlarge, there is a special feeling when you hear the happiness in some one's voice.

    Today I was on a call with a person that let me hear the happiness in their voice. They were not in this country and they were staying in a home that made them feel as thought they were in paradise. It was the way tat they described the views and the service and the tranquility, that made me smile as well from the inside out. I got a little high from hearing their excitement and I wasn't even there. This is what we all do when we step out into the world. People either remember you making them feel good or bad. The in between area is very narrow and unstable. One thing is for sure though, not one of us gets to slide by without being noticed on some level. This is what really keeps me aware each and every day.

    Later on in the late afternoon, I had a business call with a restaurant owner about an event. She was so warm and cordial. I had not felt this comfortable speaking about an event in quite some time. Her smile shot through the phone like the favorite horse at the Kentucky Derby. It was as if she knew me from another lifetime. It was nothing short of magnificent. Even though her answers were not what I had intended, she delivered them with such poise and respect. It was as if she had actually said yes to my requests. I complimented her on her place as well as her friendly demeanor. I could not say enough about her.

     Carrying happiness around with you in any form can and most times does pay some high dividends.
I concentrate on the benefits of happiness each and every day. I also study those that do not really care either way. I don't let them rent too much space for free in my head, but I know that they are there. I know when they are in a place that I choose not to be. I challenge you to bring as much happiness into your voice today for the entire day. I guarantee that you will affect many people. It's all about stretching out into another state of mind that people want to join forces with in the end. I am drifting off into the land of sand.



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