The Bliss Inside Of The Passion

   I have gone over this before, however, it never gets old to repeat it. When I am on stage something happens that I cannot explain. There are always people that get lost in the songs, in the band, and in the energy of the moment. It baffles me that no matter where I go, this feeling follows me. It's the feeling of release. It's the feeling of propulsion. It's an emotion that never stops giving. To see people dancing and singing and letting go of whatever is bothering them is very addicting. It's very similar to watching a child eat ice cream or maybe even a small dog rolling around in a dog park without a care in the world. It is truly up lifting and colossal.

    This was a party that came as a result of another party that I had done years ago. A good friend of mine asked me to come and lead the band. I was humbled that he recognized my abilities, so I told him that I would be there for sure. As we spoke about how much it would cost him to hire me, I gave him a number that I felt was fair for him and he augmented the amount by about $250. This was moving to me on so many levels. When someone sees the power in you or the correct energy that they need for a certain position, it feels amazing. The entire band was handpicked and we brought them quite a show. In every direction that I looked across the stage, I loved what I saw and heard. So much was right about that evening.

    The best man came over to me in the beginning of the evening and told me that there were people in the room that were at the last party and that they were still talking about how amazing it was. We had not even started performing yet. We had done his wedding and now we were at another event for a different couple. It is true that good news or a great product or a great band can travel several people deep when its received properly and appreciated to the maximum. People do not have to come to the stage and let us know how much they enjoyed us, however, they did many times. We were moved beyond words and I personally felt so happy. It is for certain that we will do many parties in the near future for some of the people who attended that wedding.

    In closing, this is what life is all about. We are here to affect others with our magic. There is nothing that we possess or do well or can create that should not be shared often and with as many people as possible. If I sat and performed to myself, it would not be as powerful. Although, I do sit and play the guitar or piano and sing quite a bit when I am alone. I can tell you this, it still makes me tingle when I am alone. It's just that when it's shared, it multiplies exponentially. What is inside of us is almost always received by others in a stronger way.That can be negative and positive.Correction, that can be perceived, in a negative or a positive way.It all works out when the bliss rises up within us.Thank you for being here as always.Do you and do it well.





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