Mind Over Money

  I have encountered some very thought provoking conversations of late around money. People truly expose themselves as it relates to this sensitive topic. In all honestly, I do not remember having a strong relationship top money as a child. All I remember is that when I had it, it meant that i could do nice things for myself. This things were maybe to play some video games, buy some candy, or get a new piece of music. At times it gave me the ability to go to the movies, or go rollerskating, or maybe even buy a comic book. It never governed how I saw other people.

   Just to give credit where it is due, I am sure that my parents showed me this example. So now that I am an adult, the volume has been turned up on this conversation. There are shows on TV that speak specifically about what people make and what they do with it. There are articles written on the people who are making the most in the entire world, as well as those who actually "have" more than any one else as well. The conversation as gotten way out of hand on so many levels. There is so much to say about this topic.

   I am friends with a few people that are adamant about never having any money and they are just fine with it. I also have a friend or two that are in financial situations that allow them to do some truly spectacular things in their lives. They don't necessarily brag about it, they just live it. Then there is the middle group that don't really talk about it at all. I always feel that it's the quiet ones that usually have the most interesting stories that are actually true when you put them in a group. This is not a perfect science at all. It's just that they are not interested in you knowing everything about them and they really don't use it as leverage to be cooler either. I like to see this.

    As I look around at my surroundings and at my life, I realize that I am ridiculously blessed. I eat everyday and I sleep in a truly above average place and I have money to do the things that I want to do and the things that I have to do. Side note. I had to work for each and every part of my life.There are people who make more money than they will ever be able to spend that are miserable. Just as there are people who make a very low salary or hourly wage that can light up a room with their personality and energy alone. Both of these characters exist in large amounts.

     This post was inspired by hearing a few different people utter their personal views on money this past month or so. The most powerful one of them all and most reoccurring is, " I can't afford that". This is the champion statement of them all in my book. That sentence leaves no hope or change for anyone. Our philosophy will always rule us and that I know for sure. So maybe one person will read this posting and reconsider going after something that they currently do not have enough money to get. If we don't have enough, we can get more. If we cannot find enough, we can keep on looking until we do. If we don't see ourselves actually having enough, then we probably never will no matter what we do or say. Have you ever not made it to the ice cream truck as a kid? Have you ever not had enough energy to play with your friends when you were younger? I bet the answer to both if those is no.

     Just when something becomes so important and you are so hungry for it, a way presents itself or one is created by us. It is said that money makes the world go round. So what happens people have no money? Can they still get some? Does the world stop? I think not. Marinate on that.




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