Excuse Me, I Am Right Here

  Today I was in a store. I wanted to get a small gift for a good friend. I had been in this store a few times in the past and I like the simplicity of it. There are gems in it for sure. It's an Indian store with fabrics and jewelry and so many interesting things. I entered the store and there was another woman there already. She was quiet and browsing. I was not greeted at first, then the women who worked in the store asked me if I needed any help. I told her what I was looking for and she showed me a few things. However, something was wrong and I could not put my finger on it.

   A few moments later, she went on a rant and I thought she was talking to someone else. I looked up and she was talking to a person on the phone with her headset on. The other woman had left the store and it was only her and I there for the time being. Her conversation was not pleasant at all. She was telling someone on the other line that she was not mad at them, but she was very disappointed to say the least. I am not exaggerating when I say that she had a full blown beef with this person right in front of me. I was not 15 feet from her.

   I did not find exactly what I wanted, however, I was going to buy this one thing that was interesting to me. The problem was that I was completely uncomfortable to approach her and pay for this item. Her energy was way outside of my comfort zone in that moment. I chose to abort the mission. I had to detach from her atmosphere which had just become "our"atmosphere. I can tell you for sure that she was oblivious about what had just happened. It's not that she is a bad person or even a destructive soul, she was just not present as it relates to how she was conducting herself. This was a moment that brought up a few things for me.

   I remember once I was in a department store in Soho. A woman was leaving the store and the alarms went of very loudly. The guard asked her to please step back into the store so that he could check if all of the items had been properly freed of the sensors. Almost immediately, she went into defense mode. She told him that he was harassing her and that she did not need to steal because she could afford anything in this store. He had not harassed her though. He only asked her to step back in so that they could check the items that she purchased. A verbal fight broke out and the entire store went quieter than a cotton ball falling on the floor. She had successfully changed the energy in the entire store. In the end, she had stolen and she was cuffed and escorted out of the store.

   The cold and harsh truth is that energy is everywhere, The other truth is that our energy is revealed to everyone who is in our vicinity. We do not get to choose if we send out energy or not. We only get to choose what type of energy that we dispense. That store lost money today because of the saleswoman's energy. To be fair, I made a choice as well. I could have stayed and ignored her completely while buying one thing and then moving along right through my day. Instead, I chose to disconnect immediately. This was just my choice in the moment. This does not make me any better than the next person. Each person may have done something completely different. The whole time she was ranting, al I wanted to say to her was. "Excuse me, I am right here." I let that opportunity pass, yet I did receive the lesson. We have to all take responsibility for the energy that we offer to our fellow human beings. Our struggles may be unique to us, however, to those who hear or see them from the outside, they could be quite miniscule. Please join me in sending that young woman the strength to have an exceptionally positive and easy going day tomorrow. Peace



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