Connectivity Is Unavoidable

   We are all connected to almost everyone around us. Someone that we know is connected to someone that we know many times over. Today was an amazing example of this. I help a few people take care of their amazing apartments. They do not live here full time, so I make sure that their renters get in and out with no incidents and I also help them if they encounter any problems during their visits. I love to serve them and it feels good to know that I can solve any of their problems should any arise. The guests are mostly so appreciative and happy that I am there for them as well. I say mostly, because there are always a few thorns that need special attention. However, such is life. We all have to deal with it.

   So I got call today that I had to go to one of the places quickly to let in some people in and I made it happen. It was a pleasant day and I had a wonderful walk over to the place. I made sure that it was all up to par and then I called the guest and let them know that they could enter within the hour. They were very pleasant people and they were on time. I like when people respect time and schedules. What happened next was amazing.

    The first man that came out of the driver side was a young man that looked very familiar. The next person to come out of the car on the passenger side was an older man. They were all friendly people and were very gracious that I was there as well. Then another man came out of the back seat of the car. As he got out, I realized why the first man looked so familiar. The man that was in the back seat was my neighbor who lives two buildings away from me. I know his wife and children as well. I just could not believe that I was letting in his father. Come to find out that his aunt had just passed away and he needed a place for his father to stay. I was so happy to be in the position that I found myself in. I got to help his father settle in to this place and then we spoke and I left shortly afterwards. I have known this guy for 15 years.

   In this life it is uncanny how we are all connected in one way or another. The person that you see walking down the street could be knocking on your door to ask for help. The person at your local store could be the person that helps your mother with her bags right up to her front door. The guy at your church could turn out to be the same young man that turns up to take your daughter out on a date. The possibilities are literally endless. Today was not a coincidence at all. I am certain of it. There was a lesson there. In my heart, the lesson was that I have to be even more careful of how I treat others, even if I do not know them. They could be in front of me for any reason in the very near future. As much as I do this religiously, I know that I could do even better. The other possibility is that I got a reminder that I am doing well. That I am attracting the boomerang of good vibes and that those that I respect and love are finding there way into my circle in uncommon ways.

    That was a magic happening. I am happy and grateful beyond words. What a life I am living. Thank you for being here.



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