Assuming Our Own Story

  I had some thoughts today about people in my life that just vanished from my scope. I spoke to them quite frequently, and most of our conversations were very fluid and positive. However, just like that, they are not longer available for conversation or email. Now this is definitely a story that has appeared in my head of probably a myriad of reasons. We all nostalgic from time to time no matter who we are. So what does it translate to in real time? This is the question that haunts me.

   We should all know that we are certainly not all knowing. There are things that are happening all around us that we have no clue about. People are walking around very hurt about things as well as overjoyed and in great spirits, yet silent about it. So what happens when a person that you have been connected to for a long time just vanishes? Quite frankly, I believe that it's almost always not our doing. The problem with this statement though, is that we still somehow lose touch with that energy that we once shared with that person. This is not physical connection or a relationship connection, it's just a human connection.

   I know that we all serve a purpose in each others life. You are there for a handful of people right now and you have no idea who they are most times. They won't tell you because it's much easier for them the way. They can get all of the cable channels without paying the bill, if you get my drift. Having typed all of this, I still believe in the present moment. I cannot sit too long in what once was. It drags me down and does not allow me to make clear decisions in the now. It does not mean that I am not a being who feels things though. I have my moments for sure.

    If you were asked what was the best thing or part of your life right now, what would you say? Would it be a person, or a place, or a particular meal, or maybe even a material item? If so, you would have to zero in on it by being in the present moment. Now does not allow the past to exist at the same time. When people say that they wish things were like they used to be, I usually don't believe them. I say this because most of us would not be able to comfortably exist if we were brought back to our tester years with our current mindset. We have had too many experiences that have tainted our judgement and purpose. We also would probably only be allowed to watch what had happened and in no way permitted to alter it. That is my viewpoint anyhow.

    So if you are sitting there right now wishing that you could go back to a certain time or that you were still in contact with a certain person, let it go. If you were meant to be in contact with them, you would be. They have the ability to contact you too, never forget that. The better question is, what is right in front of you that you could appreciate and grow from right now that you are somehow ignoring? These are the questions that I have asked myself today. I got schooled by my own conscience. Go figure. I am down the road and smiling inside.



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