10 Things I've Pondered Today That May Move You

Why don't people who say that a certain race or nationality is bad work to understand that race or nationality better?

I have a magnet in my fridge, that says if you don't have enough time, stop watching tv. I don't watch too much TV at all, yet I can't get that statement out of my mind.

Wouldn't it be incredible if even 25% of the population stopped smoking? When last I checked, 30,000 non smokers dies every year from second hand smoke.

If love is blind, what does love look like that sees?

Imagine how the world would take a gigantic shift if every millionaire gave $100,000 to a fund that would teach people to make shifts in their attitudes and their choices. Would it create balance or mayhem?

If you knew that someone in your close circle of friends was thinking of taking their life, how would you approach them and what would you say?

If Obama was a white man, would his presidency have been smoother or would it have not made a difference if he had the same character and made the same choices?

If you had 48 hours in a day, could you honestly say that you would get more done?

If you were told by a solid and respected doctor that caring more for others and being more patient would increase your lifespan and put your body at complete ease, would you start immediately or research the facts?

Would you buy a recording of a full day of subconscious thoughts that were extracted from your brain in your voice or would you pass on it?

Just saying..



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