Work And Then Play?

  So I have this internal conversation with myself about too much work and not enough play. There are some prime examples of this around me and I watch and listen very carefully as I take in this information almost every day. If you have a job that pays you good money that you love and you don't want to ever quit, you are in the small percentile. If you have a job that pays average and you are semi comfortable, you are in the generally in the general to mid area most likely. However, if you do not like your job and you are just doing it because you need to survive and stay afloat, it seems that you are in the majority. This is what I hear about the most. Screams of quiet desperation.

   I know people who do not have to work because their spouses are well to do and I know people who work until they are just spent to death. The common denominator, is that we all have to release the valve at some point. Just to go somewhere with a person that we like or love. To sit with a good friend and just listen to their life and how they are progressing. To sit and watch a movie and just be taken away from reality for a few hours. These are things that are necessary to achieve balance in my humble opinion. If we do not take our own play time, we will slowly but surely forget what it is to play and to serve ourselves.

   Nothing takes the place of a person who just sits with you with no time constraints and just connects with you. In this day and age, we are text, Facebook, and cell phone obsessed. We are chipping away at our ability to feel one another. What I do know for sure is, we will all find time to play when its important to us and that does not matter what our schedule is. I was thinking today about different times when I was crazy busy and certain random things came up that I had to do. Somehow, some way, I found the time. I am not any better than the next person, I just know this to be true. Our why is everything.

     In closing, we should play more. When we are out building the dreams of others, we put ours on hold. As time goes on our dreams fade into the distance and we are left thinking about how we should have played. I have not had this sensation, however, I listen to it has others describe it. That is not a destination that I am planning to visit. Play first and then work. If you have to work each and every day, get something from it. If that something comes too far in the distance, then is it really worth it? Just some food for thought. I hope it reaches you respectfully...



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