Transcending Sports / S From 0

  I was reading an article today that was explaining the courage award that is given out each year at the ESPYS. It's an award that is given to one person who has done something that transcends sports in the current year. I love this concept because its always spectacular when any one person goes above and beyond to do more or to create a new conversation for others. This year is was given to Caitlyn Jenner. Just the fact that she was recognized and given a platform to speak and to be heard was a big deal for so many reasons. I have never been transgender, so I do not know what the pressure must be like. But can you imagine beginning a new life as the opposite sex and doing it in front of the world? That is courage for sure.

   Now we have to be real and realize that there are also many people who have an issue with this reward and this big movement in the transgender community. This people are free to think and to say what they feel no matter what. However, at the end of the day, it boils down to letting people be who they are without judgement. It can be a thin line because we all have a friend or two that seems to be always under par or looking for excuses not to push forward. You know the ones that say life is out to get them and they can't do anything about it at all. These are the people that want you to see their best side while they keep showing you their most challenging side. All in all, we are all flawed in our own personal way. It's just easier to ridicule than it is to fix ourselves.

   Freedom to be who we are is one of the most fulfilling things that we could be. I am so happy for Caitlyn. Let the haters hate and the players play. Caitlyn has just shook them off.

   Today I was driving and I saw a licence plate that said" S from 0. Just to be clear, Ess from zero. I immediately though that it meant "Started from nothing". But what if it meant something completely different? What if it meant, Susan from Ontario? What if it meant Scott from Oklahoma? It could have meant anything right. That led me back to the things that we think and manifest in our lives. We see something and then we think that we know right away what it means. The truth is that every second is that which we make it. I had to catch myself and make sure that I had some other possibilities. This is the practice that keeps me sane. Actually it may be the practice that creates some of my insanity at times. Finding the balance is a life long practice.

    In closing, I also rode the train today. I was on a train that had about 15 people on it. There was a woman on both sides of me about 7 feet apart to the left and to the right. I did not know either of them. One was facing me and one had her back to me. I sneezed, and both of them said, "God bless you". I was taken aback and said, "Wow warmth from two directions! The woman that faced me, smiled and the one with her back to me said you are welcome. This was a great moment. There are many good people in this world. They are just waiting for us to notice them.



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