The People We Trust And The Trigger

  I have rotated quite a few times around on this incredible planet and I love to be around those that I can trust unequivocally. Trust is a strange thing at times, because it truly does not lie or hide. When you trust someone for real, you just know it. I have a friend that told me that you can trust someone if you can leave your baby with them. I got a kick out of that. He is still one of my favorite people on this planet. I would be there in a millisecond if he needed me. That is the truth for sure.

  Now if for some reason you do not trust someone, that is quite clear as well. You speak differently around them. You speak less most times. You have a different body language. You have a certain set of invisible defenses up. Now what if you think that you are trusted by a certain person, yet they send signals to you that such is not the case? Then what do you do? Do you back away or do you just sit with it and let it pass? I say that trust must be earned in careful increments. It cannot always be given right away. It depends on the situation. I believe that most people do not give their word about doing something, because they already know that they cannot even trust themselves. We have all seen it in one way or another in our lives.

   I personally take trust very seriously and I have been burned in the past. It takes getting burned to know how well you can trust for the most part. But then you might ask yourself, what about those who keep on giving and giving and giving, no matter how much they get burned? That is something that I think of often. In my experience, it's those who have been burned the most that have a set way of thinking that anyone can burn you, so you just have to prepare for it. So are you calling it forth by giving it that much attention? These are just questions that are designed to make you hear your own answers.

   Something came up for me today that gave me pause. I let it enter my brain and I just sat with it. I used it for fuel to kind of dissect my way of thinking. You see when things really bother you, they have been there for a long time prior to that moment. The trigger is just the trigger, not the source. Like let's say you see a mother abusing her child in public. You know its not right, so you intervene. However, you intervene to strongly and you wind up physically bruising the mother. She then finds out later that you were abused as a child. Would she understand that and forgive you? The odds are that she probably would not. However, you would know deep inside that you had an adverse reaction to something that had happened way before that moment.

   Have you ever seen a person panic because a bus had not arrived or maybe because they were in a line of people and the person in the front was not moving fast enough for that particular person. It's almost always the same thing. They affect those around them and others start to get antsy and impatient as well. Energy is real and it travels faster than the speed of light. I must have seen 10 examples of this since last Wednesday alone. The greater message is, how do you react being an outsider? How much can you ignore? Do you maintain your current state and just marinate in your present space? I have been on both sides of the fence. These days I stay in the calm zone more than ever, but I am not perfect. I am not even close to perfect.

    So we have to take responsibility for the trust and how it flows between us. If you allow something to exist in the hands of another, then you probably will have no trust issues. I think the most difficult issues with trust are with money, love, and time. They are interchangeable and fluid in every day life. If you trust anyone with these things, you are fortunate. If you do not, then you will probably be looking behind yourself, around corners, and most of all, creating your own set of rules. This is not a foreign concept at all. It takes more effort without a doubt. There are many people that I trust. I trust them for one or two reasons. Their track record is flawless, or I feel it in my gut that they are on point with my energy. That is it, plain and simple.

     When you trust others, most of the time they trust you. This is not a perfect science, nor will it ever be. The deliberate action of making someone comfortable, therefore building trust is one of life's most enjoyable dances in my opinion. It's never personal, until you say that it is. You do not need permission to trust. You know and feel it when it is present. Peace





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