The Elusive Typo

 So we can all agree that from time to time, we spell a word or two wrong. Of cursive you are on your phone and the right setting is in place, you are safe. However, when we speak of the printed book, you would think that there would be more than one person checking for grammatical errors or typos, wouldn't  you?

  I was in one of my favorite places today just getting a small bite to eat. I decided to take one of the books off of the shelf and read it a little bit while I waited for my food. I won't say the name of the book because I am already showing a page from it. My intention is not to drag the book through the mud, its just to remind everyone that we are all human and we will make mistakes.

  So here is the page that I am referring to. Read this passage and tel me if you can see the typo.

    My feeling is that whomever checked this book for typos just missed it plain and simple. I have written quite a few typos since I have started this blog myself. The thing is, when it gets to the time that everyone has to check for anything that might not be right, should this still happen? Typos can be very elusive. You could scan over everything when you are tired, or fatiguing or any number of situations. It could happen.

   My point is that even when one of my all time favorite writers puts a book together, something can still go a wry. There is a certain book that I love . I have read it twice as of date. This book has a serious faux pas and it is very noticeable. This book is in about 30 languages around the world. It can never be taken back or rewritten. It was a mistake to begin with, so that conversation is over. The thing is that most things spell check perfectly while you do something else.

    There is no actual way to not make a mistake now and then, here of there. It's just that there seems to be some stigma associated with it at times. We make mistakes, move forward and move on. This book made me feel great today as I read it. The typo was just a small bit of what goes on in my head with books and so forth. I believe we need to make more mistakes to start zeroing in on what works and what does not. Typos are not the end of the world. They are just the beginning of better sentence and works in the future. Dig it.



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