Stepping Up

  Have you ever been told to step it up? You know that moment when you feel that statement pop out at you from someone that has the confidence to say it to you? This statement is the kind of statement that makes you feel that you have fallen short in a way. Yet, it also lets you know that someone outside of yourself sees you and your potential. The mind is such a dangerous thing for so many reasons. It lets you know when you are not producing the way that you should, however, it also lets you speak to yourself in a speech that will not produce anything worthy of praise or pride.

  There will always be people that believe in you more than you believe in yourself. They will always be around and most times these are the people who you should keep around you. The ones that have too many sensitive parts that need to be massaged and uplifted on a consistent basis will not make the cut. This is not a judgement, it's a fact. The stepping up has to do with many things that will affect us even on a lateral level. When we step up, we have to be ready for some people to step down as well. This is a harsh reality. I continue to see it all around me.

   I always remind myself that stepping up does not have to mean hiding out. I speak to people that are afraid to let others see that they want to run faster and achieve more. There is nothing wrong with reaching higher and doing things to create a higher standard of living for yourself. It's not about tangible things that money can by. It's about the ability to choose how, when, why, and with whom you do it. That is when I personally feel most at ease. I could say so much about this topic.

   When was the last time you heard the step up voice? You know the voice that tells you to leap up out of the mediocrity pool immediately? It can be heard in a whisper or sometimes in a quasi screaming voice. So what do you do when this happens? In short, you listen and act accordingly. I can also say that most of us do not listen each and every time. This is not the end of the world. If we all listened each and every time, we would have nothing to feel the lessons that come from hitting the wall every now and then. We all need that. I am no better than any of the eyes that read this blog. However, I am pushing out anything that I feel can make the difference to anyone that will read it. You do not have to believe anything that I write. You do not even have to be here anymore. The magic thing though, is that you are here and I am so grateful for that. Thank you.

   The step up voice is in full affect.



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