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  I love to be of service in general. This love is inbred in my for sure. I see it in each and every one of my family members in one way or another. It a great thing then that I get to do it on the regular. I troubleshoot issues when guests have questions in the apartments that I host. A woman called me and told me that she and her husband will not be staying in the apartment that I had let them into a day earlier. They are pleasant people, so I did what I could to accommodate them. The problem was that at first, I did not see her concerns as concerns that would make you want to leave a place that you were only booked to stay in for 3 days. I took a deep breath and asked he what I could do to make her and her husband happier. She let me know that it was not me, it was the place.

  Later on in the afternoon, I received a text. It said that they were going to stay and that they would appreciate it if I could replace the ac unit. I knew that I had to make things right with them. I arrive on the scene and I went to work. To make a very long story short. I cleaned out the filters to let more cool air in around the apartment. Many times, what seems as though it's a big problem has a small and easy solution. I felt as though I had changed the atmosphere inside the place and made the people more comfortable. It gave me such a great feeling. That story could have gone in many other directions. I am so glad that it did not. People want to know that you care and that you will go the extra mile for them. That is it. There are no there rules that can eclipse that one. I am certain of it.

  A woman walked on the train today and there were no seats left. I wanted to offer her my seat, but she was standing with her back to me. She walked a little bit further away from me and then she stopped and looked back. When she looked back, I motioned to her to come and take my seat. I felt that she was moved in the most genuine way. She was sitting next to me and I was standing. When her stop came, she got up, looked towards me and smiled and bowed. This woman was on the train for only about 3 more stops. It made a difference that she sat. She was an older woman that had some sort of condition. I bring this situation to your attention because the way that she acknowledged me as she was leaving was very deep. It was far beyond just giving up your seat on the train. She smiled and bowed in my direction, as I said. It takes so little to be cause in the matter and so much more to be an irritation on any level.

  I learned a small anecdote from the Tim Ferriss show today.Please listen to it as quickly as you can. It's a podcast that can be opened up from your phone or on your home computer. The guests today were: Laird Hamilton  Gabby Reece, and  Brian Mackenzie. So these people are all at the level of an extreme multi faceted athlete. They spoke of things to do with your mind, The first thing that I remember was from Gabby. She wanted to give her little slice of insight before I the podcast was over. Just to be sure you understand. The thing that she said is still with me. Her sentence was, "Be the first one to do it." She was referring to being the first person to smile or shake hands, or maybe even to help out another person. I heard the message loud and clear. Create the ripple and then watch it spread.

   There were many things said in this amazing podcast, however, I must save those for another time. I'll end on this note. When you see a person who is about 10 to 15 years older than you doing something that seems impossible for their age, Know that the reason why is because they made a choice and you make an excuse. Step up and be counted.




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