Shifty Ways Of They

  This post is dedicated to those who push us out of our comfort zones. To those people who test our resilience, our resolve, and most of all our restraint. For without them we would never know what it was to be pushed to the edge or a bit tongue tied at times. Without them we would not know how to bring out our inner soldier.

   You can spend your entire life learning how to be accountable, altruistic, and amicable with others. Yet and still, you will encounter that person, or persons, that will somehow tempt you to that side of you that is not so malleable. So in this instance, what do you do? Is it wrong to speak your mind and rage against the machine? Or do you show them your hidden dragon and crouching tiger? Maybe it's just best to shower them with your Dali Lama gifts? One never knows until the moment when you have to step up and perform. This is the interesting thing about life. Would you not agree?

    These people most often have been ridiculed against and slandered. They have been taken advantage of and lied to and mistreated. You might be asking yourself what that has to do with you? The answer is nothing. However, that makes you the perfect punching bag, so get ready to spar for hours or days at a time. We will always encounter these special individuals.

   Ah yes, but its always the people on the outside of these people that make life worse. It is a known fact that everyone but them is crazy. So who are we to fight it? We will lose the battle and the war. To under cut another human being in any way at all, is the opposite of why we are here. There is not enough energy in one human being on earth to sustain this type of attitude without it affect their insides over time. Isn't it also funny how these people with breathe fire if you treat them the way that they have treated you? That is my favorite aspect of they topic.

   Just for clarity, I am not angry at anyone. This posting is a venting of sorts so that I can remain sane. It places my frustrations on the outside of my cranium so that they can dissipate and wither away. I know that the best way to keep our system balanced and up to speed is to send love and forgiveness. So this is what I am doing triple fold. Any names connected with this posting have been withheld to respect the privacy of all concerned.

   Those who are shifty, greedy, obnoxious, power hungry, insincere, and just down right misguided, still deserve our love. They deserve it at least from afar. Did you know that none of these people have to rent space in our heads or consume more than 10 minutes a day at best? Well, I knew it to, but I too let it slip my mind a few times here and there. Release the shifty people from your life. A negative energy and a positive energy can never exist in the same place. So it's either you or them.Period.

    Smiles, smiles, all smiles. It's all good and it going to be all good too. Let's keep all of the shifty ways of being behind the seat of a 300,000 vehicle. Thank you for reading. Holla if you hear me.



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