Pick A Subject And Price. Get A Poem


   In NYC you can find yourself face to face with so many things at a moments notice. I have seen so much at this point, that nothing really is hard to believe or shocking most times. But what I do constantly get memorized or taken by, is the artist that takes his or her talent, passion, or specialty directly to the people in the most minimalistic way. Enter Lynn. Let me describe this guy in the best way possible. He is cool and calm and full of real energy. When I looked at him and spoke to him for the first time, I felt his authenticity. His afro was tall and his gaze was deep. He manufactured his words with a dictionary at hand and he did not hide it. I also loved this thing that he did. While he thought and chose words carefully to enter into his typewriter, he snapped his fingers in intermittent quarter notes.

    As you can see from the picture above, he needed nothing but this sign to reel people in. There was no need for a bullhorn or any fancy sales pitch at all. Lynn only needed to sit there as people came up and paid him to do what he loves and to do it well. Our conversation actually started by me asking him a few questions about himself about what he did outside of this. He let me know that he was a musician as well and that he will be getting back to more songwriting after he fixes some of his instruments. Meeting this guy was just so fulfilling. He did not have to do anything but be who is was. His answers to my questions were direct and concise. He also had on a pair of glasses that were exactly like mine. We spoke about that for a few minutes as well.

    I started to think about his sign again a few hours ago. As you read the title of this posting, what come to mine? Like what if you could walk into a showroom of cars and pick the model of a car and how much you wanted to pay for it? That would change everything wouldn't it? That is not likely to happen, but it would create some pretty unique situations. I can think of many things that would be so vastly different if we had the power to decide in a more detailed fashion how we wanted them.

    So the subject that I chose for him to write about was, "interracial love." I also gave him $5 in advance. This is a topic that has many layers and many opinions, so I wanted to see how he would navigate it. After about 5 minutes, this is what he came up with:

 Relative to melon in
Accredited by prevalence
But information has edited
The union of thoughts
Forgot but not subdued
Enabled by truth
as eyes gaze to infinity
and connect me to you
As you could be green
But if you make me feel as you do
It would not mean a thing

    This poem made me think and that is what I love about it. The words came in quickly and did what they had too. There was no hesitation or wonder. Lynn Gentry was the magic today hands down. I hope to connect with him to see how I can help him out in anyway. People are magnificent in so many ways. If you are curious about Lynn, you can reach him HERE I plan on supporting him and I encourage you to as well if you can. Remember, its not possible to help others without helping yourself. I am sending you all  the best. I am always silently pulling for you.




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