Mouth To Ears At The Speed Of Light

  We all know that word of mouth is one of the most powerful vehicles in human existence. If something  happens that is less than favorable, it goes viral almost immediately. It's true that it's a small world after all and we are all connected in so many ways. This is all well and good and we all have to accept it at some pint. However, when the news travels that someone you care about is in trouble or is spinning out of control, it leaves a mark in you.

   Make no mistake about it, whatever we do in life is seen or heard by someone. In this case, what was seen was not favorable and I heard about it from three parties that witnessed it. The subject in this little quagmire is someone that I respect and enjoy immensely. I won't go into detail as to what happened for reasons of privacy and respect to the subject.

   My point in writing this posting is to remind everyone that is reading this that all of our actions do matter. It's one thing to affect one person, however, it's another to affect an entire room of people. Now how could you affect an entire room of people in an adverse way? Well, there are many ways and they are acted out consistently in this life almost every day. It only takes one moment for an individual to lose his or her cool and the rest just lifts off like a 747 pushing aside all that is in its way.

   So acting from a place of compassion, I decided to ask myself what could I do to possibly connect with my good friend and maybe offer some solace or even just an open ear. Then the voices in my head told me that I should just leave it all alone and continue to mind my own business while concentrating on treating everyone with respect and kindness. I was also told not to attempt to act rationally towards an irrational mind. This was great advice. I decided to listen after making a phone call and just leaving my open invitation for this person to call me and to talk freely about anything that they want to.

    Now when this outburst of low energy happened, many people were surprised and taken off balance in many ways. They pondered about what would make a person get to the place that this individual did in such a short time period of about 3 minutes. There are connections and reasons for all outbreaks and we do not always get to see them from their original starting point. I always make a point to attempt to have an open mind though. We do not know where most people were right before they pop their top, Many times n can be traced back to an understandable starting point. However, most times it is seen as an isolated moment that we have to ignore or brush under the table.

    As it relates to attitudes in general, I believe that our attitudes precede us on every level. People know your demeanor and the way that you handle others. They see how you treat others and how you relate to them on a daily basis. It later becomes the reason why they spend lots time with you, or just text, or possibly even avoid you. The world of mouth can make it into the ears of 100 people before you can say, "Alakazam!" Human beings are keen and consistent informers for sure. If you have been hurt or even treated above board, you want others to know as quickly as possible. This of course does not apply to everyone.

    In closing, I am concerned about my good friend. This person is a kind and powerful soul. What and who they are is of great value to the world. However, sometimes the best thing to do in a situation like this is to turn the volume all the way down and just marinate on it. There's magic in letting things simmer. Just ask a chef who just prepared the bouillabaisse of the year. I trust that you have received this message in the proper way. Thank you for your precious time.




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