Making A Vow With Time


   I mentioned that I was reading a book recently entitled,"The Year Of Living Virtuously, Weekends Off. " This book is making me think about so much all at once. Today I arrived at a chapter that got my attention in a different way. It was about staying still, time, and silence. The chapters of this book are very short in comparison to books that are written in this vein. However, they are powerful and very thought provoking. You may click on the image above to order it yourself if you feel so inclined.

   There was a part of the chapter right at the end that just made me readjust my brain. I have copied it below for you to read. This block of words actually comes from another book entitled,"Crossing The Unknown Sea:Work As A Pilgrimage Of Identity."This book was written by David Whyte. Leave it to me to write a passage in my blog that I read in a book, that actually comes from another book. You can't make this stuff up. Here is the passage:

When we make a good marriage with time,...whatever sanity, patience, generosity, and creative genius we are able to achieve in life is not solely within our own remit.It comes from a real conversation with something other than ourselves...The closer we are to the productions of time-that is, to the eternal-the more easily we understand the particular currents we must navigate on any given day...

To say yes[something]that we know we cannot do with any sanity given all our present commitments...would be the equivalent of promiscuity, of faithlessness and betrayal. Stress means we have committed adultery with regard to our marriage with time.If we want to understand the particulars of our reality, we must understand the way we conduct our daily relationship with the hours. 

    As I read this, something felt like it was dripping or better yet, being poured into my brain. You know how certain things can be said over and over again and you barely hear it? Then this one person  comes along unannounced and you just get it? That is exactly what happened when I read this. The passage made it into this book because it affected the author Teresa Jordan as well. Please read it again and see how it makes you feel.

   There is one thing that I know for absolute sure. The most productive person on the planet has exactly the same amount of hours to complete things each and every day. They allot their hours differently, however, they can't ever get more or less time. This not like buying 20 phone cards and talking on them for as long as you like. Our 24 hours a day are tight and always moving. I often wonder how much people would actually do if you manually took away all that they say is keeping them back? That would be a documentary I would help make for sure.

    I am hopeful that this passage made you think for even a second. I still need to sit with it a bit more myself. Sending you all a constant stream of magical energy. You sure deserve it. Ciao





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