Imagining The Other Side Of Us

  So we all have our own lives correct? The things that we do and the choices that we have made have placed us exactly where we are today. That cannot be refuted. However, have you ever stopped to think about what happened in another person's life? What I mean is, actually listening to someone tell  you about how they got to where they are. This has been a theme that has somehow gotten into me really deep recently. I generally am a good listener, however, I am committing to doing much better as of right now. It's really important to me, as it always has been. I just want to do even better than ever before.

   I have heard so many side conversations that have been laced with struggle and a feeling that certain people cannot get ahead no matter what they do. I disagree with this in a big way. It only takes a few people to listen and probably only just one to make you feel that you are here for a reason. Circumstances surround us all and that will never change either. The grass is not necessarily greener, it's just different grass and it may feel a little bit different if you walk over it with bare feet. All in all the smoothest lives have hiccups and some challenging moments.

   If you can be genuine, you can survive in this life. The only caveat is that when you are genuine, you will lose a few people here and there. What people think and feel about you is not your business. However, if we stop and just listen to people more, we may feel surprisingly better about our lives. I heard a guy in passing tell his friends the other day that whatever they needed, he would steal it for them. I kept walking and released judgement. What I really wanted to do was sit and listen to his story. He just said it with such ease. He had a story. I would have loved to have heard it. The timing was just not right.



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