Free, Open, Or Available? / Indispensable

  Now these words can be delved into for days. My purpose in this particular posting is to highlight why and how people need us or prefer us to be a part of any movement, games, workforce, or gathering. If we are part of an organized sport, people may crave our athletic ability. If we are one of the cogs in the wheel of a corporate giant, we may have a certain skill set that makes their business flow. If we are present each and every day that they need us, we are usually rewarded on a monetary level. If we are not available, then we may possibly become marginalized in the very near future. In other words, not looked upon as a vital piece in the master machine.

    Then there seems to be another group of people who are far too open and available, simply because they can only gel with a select few situations. These individuals are quite common in most any field. In my opinion, they seem to speak quite rigidly of those in their field while constantly letting you know how they have been treated unfairly. Therefore, they have arrived at this point. If you are too available, then you are most likely not engaged in something that is either challenging you or strengthening you in preparation for the next level. Case in point. In the documentary," Jiro Dreams Of Sushi",the restaurant takes reservations a month in advance. This is subject to their ability. The experience is $300 a plate on average. This boils down to about 20 pieces of sushi per person. Their non availability can cause a guest to wait up to a year to have an experience in this restaurant. The level of excellence is unrivaled almost in the entire world, as it relates to this type of cuisine. This speaks volumes about their dedication and focus. Jiro Ono is one of a kind.

    In a situation where the person that you absolutely want to fill a certain position or perform a very specific task is not available, what do you do? Is it possible to mirror match the skills of one person in another body. The answer probably is no. Each person is a different energy and that is the way that it will always be no matter what. If you give 20 drivers the keys to the identical car, they will all drive them differently. If you give 40 people $5000 each and give them an hour to buy the most stylish clothing within one mile, they will all come back with different looks. Lastly, if you give 10 people the same camera and ask them to shoot the same subject, you will be amazed at how each one concentrates on a different part of the subject. Our uniqueness is truly beautiful.

    Does there exist a person or group of people that are indispensable? A group of people that can do something so well that they cannot be eclipsed by any one else? Some would say that the Beatles are this group of people. Some would say that Michael Jordan is this man. Some would definitely say that   Bill Gates is this man. Some may even say that Nina Simone is this woman. They may all be right on some level, However, new brilliance is being sculpted as you read this posting. Each one of them are fresh and creative in their own way. To say that there will never be another Van Gogh may be accurate. The other side of that though, is that there will always be a new soul that has gorgeous qualities that demands your attention. It's one of my favorite truths of life.

     If you have ever been told that you do something in particular like no one else does it, you are fortunate. It's a tricky place to be, because that is only true until that person finds someone who can do it better. The chances are unlikely, however, possible. There was a time when Michael Jordan was the best layer to ever grace the game. In most people's mind, that will always be the case. Then one day I heard a sportscaster say that Lebron James was the modern day Michael Jordan. I had never heard anyone compared, connected , or even mentioned along with Michael Jordan. Then I saw him play and I saw his magic instantly. He was not Michael, but he was ridiculously talented and a true finesse machine on the court. I found it unjust to compare him to Michael. As the saying goes, it was like comparing apples to oranges. Both fruits, both from the earth, both well know and good for you. However, they are not even close to being the same.

    The inspiration for this posting cam from a person who needed me to do something for them. I could not do it on the day that they wanted me to. I could hear the aging and frustration in their voice as they pressed on in hopes that I would change my mind. Couldn't they have just gotten someone else to do the job? Yes, of course, but they would not have been me. This is not ego based at all, its just the truth. What I bring comes as a result of the paths that I have taken to get to where I am today. The next guy or girl has taken their unique path as well. So how do we readjust when we have become so comfortable with what we love and prefer? My immediate answer is that we just have to stay open and make it happen. Variety is certainly the spice of life. When we become too comfortable, we stop learning. Nothing else is allowed down the mental tunnel. The doors close and we cease to live fully.

     Are you free to just sit and breathe in and out for an hour with your eyes closed? Are you open to writing with your opposite hand all day tomorrow? Are you available to help me paint my house next week? If you said yes to any or all of these questions, someone some here probably views you as indispensable. If you said no to some or all of these, that does not make you any less of a person either. Just know that when we increase our own value, then we will become the giants that we were put here to be. How valuable are you to yourself? That is the question. I have surely taken enough of your time. I appreciate you being here. It makes a difference to me.



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