Do You Need Help? / Eyes Tell The Story

  I am always surprised at how many of us have some of the same challenges in life. They run the gamut from love, to money, to work situations and so forth. There are those who believe that the grass is greener on the other side, yet it turns out to be the same grass at the end of the day. Can you honestly say that your challenges are bigger than the next man or woman? I mean how do you know this without being in the shoes of another completely? When was the last time that you actually asked someone for help with something that you preferred not to tell anyone?

   I am certain that I have a gene in me that constantly wants to help others. It never goes away no matter what I do. Then there are the times that I need a helping hand from time to time and more so than not, it is there for me. You see it does not matter what you did before that moment at the end of the day. When you are in need of the assistance of another, it means the world to you when it arrives. Now the unfortunate part about all of this is that you cannot help everyone. This is not even a possibility. Some people will have to brave it alone and learn to get stronger the future. Others will have to hit the absolute bottom and come up with scrapes and burns that will remind them forever.

   So I helped a certain person in my life that I have known for quite a long time. What they didn't know was that I was helping her during a time when I needed help. I just threw caution to the wind because it felt like the right thing to do. I do not regret it at all. It made a difference to them in that moment. The other interesting thing is that sometimes when people do not help others, it's because no one helped them in the past and they feel that they will stay closed and do the same thing to others. That has never worked and it never will in the future. This I know for sure.

   In a nut shell, you do what you can, when you can. Its always up to us when to give more of ourselves and when to hold back. This is something we always decide with our gut. If you don;t listen, it will leave a mark. So to a certain person that I would love to help a lot more right now,  know that I am sending you the strength to rebuild your mindset and your soul so that this does not happen to you ever again. I am always here for you and that is for certain. We arrive with nothing and we depart with nothing. So all that appears in between will always be a blessing.

   Have you ever been around a person that seems to give you an entire sermon without actually saying a word? You sit with them and it's as if there is series of white boards that are just shooting up letters by the second and you can read all of them so clearly? Then you ask yourself why don't they just tell you how or what they are feeling? But you know that they are in their own place and that is just fine as well. The eyes tell so many stories and they never stop. It's the way that they glisten and twitch and glide from side to side that says so much. At times you may even think that they are saying things that they are not. However, they are always saying something.

    When was the last time you sat across from someone and did not tell them what you were really feeling just because you knew that it was so crazy or maybe even embarrassing? It happens to us all for sure. But what do you do when the message comes through your eyes before the words are formed? That is what I am talking about right now. Life is so complex at times. There are things that we want to say and do, but then we think of the consequences, so we back up. Then there are things that we know we have to do and prolong them until the ever popular "right time". That time arrives when we say it does. It's waiting for us. It's exactly the opposite of what we have been told. Keep looking forward and don't forget to keep your eyes open.



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