Dissecting Comedy

 I am sure that we could not get too far in this life without comedy. It gives us the ability to breathe easier, to release the valve, to give us pause from what may be ailing us. The other side of the coin, is that most comedians are a bit dark in their personal lives. So the question becomes,"Are they really happy or not?"

  This topic comes up because I listen to a podcast today with a female comedienne, that really had some awesome points to touch on. She at one point said that comedians go into this craft because they realize that its much easier to have people laugh with you than at you. There was also another comment that made me think. She said that a joke has to be funnier than it is mean. That made a lot of sense as well. I have heard comedians go too far, or so it seemed in certain situations. They through a person way under the bus and you could feel it. Then again, it's all about what affects you. Every human being is different.

   I also think that when people hear another person admit something embarrassing or a little personal, it makes them feel more at ease. If you hear another person say it, then you do not have to be the captain of that ship. You can just ride on the ship with everyone else.

   It's also very interesting how there is a color associated with certain comedy. Have you ever heard someone say that his or her set was a bit blue? Isn't it fascinating how certain colors contain loaded meanings? Like the black sheep, or the white lies, or the grey area? I also think it's a bit quirky that when comedy is called blue, it's mostly about sex or things related to it. Somehow, some way, it arrives at sexuality. On a side note, did you know that Prince write one reggae song that is called,"Blue Light? You guessed it, it about making love with only a blue light on. Thought provoking, no?

   All in all, I find comedy all over, and I do love to make people laugh any chance that I get. I am often perplexed by those who are more comfortable with a tense face that won't let an eighth of an inch of a smile in. Well, to quote the name of a brilliant comedy show by Kevin Hart. I prefer to "laugh at my pain." I am so sure that mastering this luxury could change the world in an overwhelming fashion. Enjoy this day,be happy, and laugh.



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