Creating Your Own

  I have been living the life of a multifunctional artist for about 20 years. To say that it has been challenging would be an immense understatement. I have been up and way down. I have failed and succeeded greatly. I have learned lessons that did not come easy. Then on top of all of that, I have never been right about where I thought that I would be at any age so far. That is all well and good and none of it can be changed. However, the thing that has made me feel like gold a million times over, is the power to create my own thing. It doesn't matter if it s a song, or a meal or even building my own bed, it feels amazing each and every time.

   We live in a time that allows you to get information on anything that exists in this life. If you can type in a topic online, you can figure out just about anything that exists because of it. Now how is that helpful to most people? You would be surprised to know that it does;t matter to many people. They are stuck in an analog mindset. If it's not broke, then they do not want to fix it. Unfortunately, each person alive has a different idea of what broken is. If you don't want to go faster, be smarter, save more time, make more money, or find more love, then all of these resources are null and void.

    Anyhow, as I watch my fellow performers, I want to make more music. As I looked at journals in stores all over the world, I wanted to make some f my own. As a saw so many hand made beds. I wanted to make my own. Lastly, as I saw how many people really enjoyed someone reaching out to them and how it felt to be so pleasantly received by them, I gave and continue to give more. That sentence was not to toot by own horn, but to emphasize that we create the moments that keep our smiles afloat.

   My present fascination deals with bicycles. I love the diversity of them on the NYC streets. They can cost anywhere from $200 all the way up to $20,000. Each part can be bought separately and it can be crafted from a bit of know how and some real love. I have a coupe of bikes and recently I have been paying very close attention to how they work. I know that I could build one, and when the time is right, I will. I am absolutely sure that I can build an amazing bike that will be used.

   If each person used about 15% more of their brains each day, the world would be filled with so many other artists that were capable of doing so many more awesome things. This is not just for the artist, by the way. Everyday people who are not in the arts have boundless talent as well. I believe that they don't do it because they are afraid that they will not be as authentic their approach or in their results either. So they stay and strength what they already know.

    Create your own words. Your own shirts or blouses. Make your own manifesto or pen holder. Make a path for someone else to follow. If doing any of this things takes a magnificent, intelligent, and driven person, then why can't it be you? Be well and change the energy around you with your magnificence. The world needs it. Ciao




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