Applied Pressure vs. Pressure Applied

  I am back on target. It still baffles me why I get in a rut and don't write at times. Actually, to be completely honest and open, I believe that I stop writing when certain realities become a bit too much to process. In other words, life overload and intense introspection running in tandem like 2 horses running in circles across the open terrain. It's complicated.

   I am moved to write about applied pressure and its counter part today. As I have seen myself on both sides of the fence over the last 5 month or so. Just a few days ago, I cut the middle of my hand. It was my right hand to be exact, and it sent a sting through my entire body that got my attention right away. I was sweeping and the top of the broom had a sharp piece of metal or steel that was circular. I moved my hand over it and a piece of skin lifted up right away. My first thought was to apply pressure. Now it was bleeding in a very consistent fashion and I tended to it right away. The blood from the hand exits the body in a hurried fashion, depending on the depth of the cut obviously. All in all, I got it under control in under 3 minutes or so.

   Now when I described this unexpected little moment, I once again received some personal development. Maybe even more so than when it actually happened. I am now able to dissect it from a far and suck the marrow out of the pieces. It happened, I was uncomfortable, I acted accordingly without hesitation. Why didn't I just let it bleed and move forward and ignore it? The answer for me is that I would have bled all over everything, endured even more pain in the middle of my hand, and most of all not taken responsibility for something that could have been avoided had I looked at the top of the broom before using it. Side note, this was not my broom and I was not in my house.

   Immediately following this little hiccup, I made a beeline to the store to purchase a new broom so that this scenario did not repeat itself on another person at another time. I was doing a favor for a friend and I wanted to follow through on it fully and completely. So why not just leave the broom with a note saying, "Be careful of the sharp top?".Well, my short answer is, I get joy in setting up a clear path for those in the future in whatever way that I can. If I can retain responsibility or set it up for the future, I dig in.

   When we apply pressure in any given situation, we almost always get a reaction or an answer. Many times it is not the one that we would like to receive, however, it appears in a rapid fashion. If you apply pressure to a person, thing, or situation, you have most often times taken control of your own direction. A friend of mine needed a singer for a gig later on in the week. He told me that he needed an answer by 5pm that day. I told him that he would hear from me before then for sure. I had to consult my analog calendar, which I did not have on my person in that moment. I could hear the angst in his voice. It was a high paying gig. Long story short, I called him at 3 and conformed that I was available, he had filled the position. He applied pressure and he got it done. It was out of my control. The result was the only focus for him. My schedule actually had nothing to do with it. Lesson learned. Be prepared and have your book with you so that there is no lag time.

    On the other side of things, we find ourselves being pressured. It's not too far from the above scenario, yet it feels a bit different when an energy places an uncommon amount of pressure on you. I have learned over time that we don't always see it coming, so we must prepare only our minds ahead of time and remember to stay in control of our thoughts when it hits. When someone puts pressure on you to complete a project or to confirm a date or even to be on time, they are telling you ahead of time that they need it a certain way and in a certain time. It seems easy and clear. However, what if that does not fit into our schedule or does not match our own excitement? Then there is an obvious obstacle that must be dealt with right away.

     We can all drop the ball for many different reasons. There is just something about a person who knows exactly what they want that just sets the parameters and does not bend no matter what. Recently, I was asked to do a project for a good friend. I have done several things for this person in the past. I had the choice to say yes or no each and every time and that is just truth. My yes rating thus far has been about 95%. I own this and I cannot place the blame on anyone but myself. However,  the last favor that was asked was a bit on the outskirts of normal. It required a sizable amount of time and it involved my talents that I am normally paid for rendering. I let them know that I am normally paid to do what they asked of me. They explained that it was for something that was very important to them but that they could not pay me because they did not have the budget. The pressure was on. Then I realized that I had created pressure upon myself where there was actually a quick exit route. That exit route was pure and unabashed honesty. I did not take that route. I chose compassion and placing my needs second. In many situations, there is karmic merit in this. However, this particular time has given me pause.

     In closing, I am placing closer attention to when I am feeling pressured vs. when I am applying pressure for my own good or for a cause that is worthy of it. There is a saying that says nothing is personal unless it is taken that way. I am now realizing that pressure cannot be placed upon us. We allow pressure to enter us and have a nice meal on us at our own expense. Reevaluation is now in progress.

     Thank you for reading. Have a day that you will want to speak about again and again in the future.  No pressure at all though. Just step into it and decide where you want it to go.




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