Affordable / Women Looking At Each Others Shoes

  What is affordable? If it's affordable to you, is it affordable to me? How come people are constantly speaking about the affordability of things in life? I have come to believe that our lives are shaped by what we think is affordable or not on so many levels. Like for example, if you could go on a vacation that took you on the other side of the planet for an entire month, would you at least look at the prices and possibilities? Most people would be absolutely sure that they could not afford it. Then there are the places that seem to appeal to everyone, like Ikea. This is a store that has so many functional items and so many things that appeal to the senses and the pocket. I have not met one person that feels that Ikea is expensive. I guess Ikea hit it on the head then. But all in all, affordability is relative. If you can afford it, then you are in your comfort zone. If you cannot afford it, then does that make you want to do what you have to be able to afford it or not?

    I heard a person say that everything is too expensive these days. Then I wondered, was it affordable in the days or years prior to now? When was the last time that everything that you had to buy was affordable? We all like different things, so our choices as to what we purchase on a daily basis would always be different. However, are we striving to make life affordable, or are we seeking out adventurous ways to live the exciting lives that most of us seek? If we are seeking the excitement,  most times it will be a bit of a challenge. This means that sometimes it will test your body and other times it may test your pocket. When we can afford things, we feel better, breathe better, and we see things clearer. The down side if this, is that those you cannot afford certain things seem to ridicule those who can on some level. When I hear that money is the root of all evil, I usually see a person who is presently struggling. Celebrating abundance in another person is actually a very high vibrational action. Wishing them well is so much better.  It will come back to you triple fold.

    Women and those dang shoes!! Firstly, I am a heterosexual male that loves shoes!! I have to admit it. I just have to say that I love to watch women looking at other women's shoes. It seems like it's an actual sport on some level. Are shoes a meter for how women are raised or what they are capable of going forward? I am just asking because I am not sure what all the fuss is about? I mean yes the fashions are really over the top and all, but how did this phenomenon begin? An even better question is, how can a shoe that weighs about 2 pounds and has more space than actual material be $800 to $2400 to buy. It's the prestige and the name and the ability to let the other women know that they cannot have that exact same shoe. This is all in my head of course.

    When a woman sees a good pair of shoes, all other movement is not important. If she is polite and really wants to serve up a compliment, a pair of shoes could easily start a new friendship. When a woman walks in a great pair of shoes, she seems as though she is walking up hill on a cloud, most times. I love the way that shoes are situational for women as well. Each woman that I have spoken to  at one point  has told me that the outfit has to be compatible with the shoes. If there is a new or different vacation, new shoes are an absolute must. Its funny how the clothing article that is the furthest from plain eye level is the one that probably gets the most attention for a woman. Just something to ponder.



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