A Great Day (In Shorthand)

Taught a vocal lesson from 8 to 9 am.
Purged some items that I wasn't using.
Silently sent love to  two people that I know need it right now.
Made fresh juice.
Spoke to a dear friend for an hour uninterrupted.
Reached out to a lost friend that reached back to me, but I missed the call.
Played some guitar.
Read 3 great chapters of a book called ,"The Year Of Living Virtuously".
Rode several miles on my bike with a helmet on.
Bravely asked a question to a dear friend that I was afraid to ask. I did it anyway.
Imagined myself once again playing Madison Square Garden.
Began to teach a young boy of almost 9 how to ride a bicycle.
Received the debut CD from one of my favorite female singers in NYC!!
Wore a pair of shoes that I love for the second time in a row. I've only had them 3 days.
Let a family of 3 from Tel Aviv into an apartment.
Received an email complimenting me on a great job from a fellow musician.
Listen to an amazing podcast about a man who made over 500 million dollars helping others.
Had an amazing veggie burger from Peace Foods Cafe.
Heard my mother's voice and both of my father's voice on my voicemail.
Thought of how wildly successful I am as well as how much more I am going to be.
Gratefulness is a virtue that will never steer us wrong.



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