25 Miles On Two Wheels


   This post celebrates a milestone in my life. I love sports and I love to be active and physical. I believe that it is in my blood. I have been involved in any different types of sports my entire life in one way or another. I am not afraid to try something new or to push myself to the next level. Today was no different and it was humbling yet extremely invigorating. I biked for 25 miles with two rests that totaled 10 minutes or so.

   My journey today was full of insights and aha moments for sure. There was so much going on in my head that I could not capture it all. Imagine riding on a bike through one of the most beautiful neighborhoods that you have ever seen. The homes were large and the landscapes were beyond beautiful. The roadways around them were just magnificent. I thought about what the people did to live their lives at this level. There were even two Ferraris that passed by during the trip. Materialistic things are not the end all be all in this life. They are certainly not the reason that I press on in my life.I bring them up because these people have the "choice" of what to do with all that they have achieved.

   My body was with me today. I pushed it and I spoke to myself the entire time internally. At one point, there was this hill that was so steep, I had to let my body know that we were not quitting no matter what. This hill slowed me down by 80 percent for sure. My legs burned in such a way that I had to counter it with words of power and resilience. The only way that my feet were coming off of those pedals was if I fell or I got hit and fell. I made to the top of the hill. This of course was a direct correlation to life. This was a direct connection to "MY" life.

   The inside of my body was humming. Each of my body parts were singing their own tune in their own key. Strangely enough, I did not cramp up or stop from fatigue. This day was a message to my inner self. It told me that I am still not shooting as high as I could shoot. It's amazing the thoughts that come about when you are on a bicycle. The concrete seems to stimulate the parts in me that need to be shook and opened up.

   I completed 25 miles on a bike. I saw myself doing something on this level, however I did not know when it would happen. I actually saw myself doing maybe a triathlon or something on that plane. The things that push me, move me as well. It never fails, after I do something that pushes me, I want to go further and accomplish something else as well. I forgot to mention that over 300 people biked today. That raised over $600,000 for the several New Yorkers who are in need. I love being attached to causes. We can all do our part. Even if the part is small, we can render it with our own special brand of love.

    In closing, I was asked to take part in this race and I just said yes. I did minimal research and I had no idea how challenging the journey would be. I did not know the time it would take, how many people would show up, or even how 25 miles even felt on a bike? I did know that it would help others if I did it though.I realize now that most of my favorite accomplishments came from utilizing that mind set. Go forward and handle the obstacles afterwards. We cannot plan for every challenge. Life does not work this way. Not everyone made it today for sure. Some people got a flat, or got lost, or even got to tired to finish. That was their experience and I am sure that they learned from it as well. What is your 25 miles? What has pushed you recently? What will you do about it? Maybe it hasn't even happened yet?Let the games begin.




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