The Strength Of A Father

  This post could probably go on for days. I will do my best to keep it succinct though. I often think of the many ways that I have been blessed to have two very strong fathers. I think of how each one of them grew up with the influence of their father as well. They had the opportunity to then take what they learned and pass it on to me. So how did they decide what to pass along and what to keep to themselves? I watch fathers all of the time. I truly cannot explain why, except that it fascinates me how many ways this huge role can be carried out. It can be done so right and it can seem to be done so wrong as well. It's not something just anyone can carry out. It could possibly be the most difficult and diverse thing for a man to undertake in this lifetime.

   To put it in perspective for all of the non fathers in this world. Can you imagine what it would be like to have everything that you do watched and possibly repeated at any given moment? I had no idea that I was preparing for my own adulthood when I was younger. As a matter of fact, I wanted to stay young back then. My childhood was glorious in so many ways. I always knew what it was like to engage and just have fun, no matter what. To this day, I am never bored and always looking for the magic in every situation. Both of my fathers are risk takers, doers, leaders, trailblazers, and philanthropists. These qualities are priceless. If you have one of these qualities, you are blessed. They have them all.

    So how does a male become a father and not take from the experience that he had with his own father? I am going to say that it is near impossible. The thing is that parenting seems to be so much different now than it was in the past. There seems to be more distractions and a lot less one on one time. However, if anyone can choose to be on social media for hours at a time, I think they could aka spend that same time with their child. Something to ponder for sure.

     In closing, I have always wanted to be a father. It will happen for me and I am absolutely sure if it. My son and/or daughter will have so many stories to hear no matter what time of the day it is. They will also be able to speak freely and openly at will. They will be polite, kind, and open to the worlds endless possibilities. I believe that they will be sensitive to the differences in others, while still maintaining their own convictions. I see these things, while knowing also that there are no guarantees how a human being will show up in the world. All I have is the blueprint from my fathers and my own will to pass it on to my first born. Fathers are grand and they are a special breed. I am overjoyed and blessed by mine. Thank you for reading. I send warmth to all of you who are presently fatherless as well. You too have experienced these sentiments at one time or another, I am certain. Lastly, to those women who have somehow taken on both roles for years and years, you are golden. Although a father usually cannot be replaced, it can always be stood up for and represented by a strong individual. Peace



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