Taking Note Without Comparing

  I am in the entertainment business. I have been for about 20 years or so. This business is one filled with glitz and glamour as well as ego and non-authenticity. The people I meet are from no specific background or race or geographic area. They all have different talents, limits, fears, and even comfort zones. One of the biggest challenges that I find no matter where I go is to just stay focused on my journey and not let others sway me in another direction. In short, there is no need to compare yourself and your journey with any other performer or artist at any time no matter what.

   There is not one person on this earth that has had the exact combination of life experiences that I have had to date. As I look back at my magnificent journey through this amazing tunnel of magic, I can recall many roadblocks as well as many moments that I will forever replay in my mind that gave me wings to fly. There were moments when I doubted my forward motion silently inside. There were moments when there were others who seems just a bit more accomplished than myself. There were even moments when I looked down on myself for now giving as much as I knew that I was capable of as I walked off stage.

   Now I am in the prime of my knowledge and understanding of this crazy business. I am about to make a quantum leap onto a higher plane where the teachings will all com into play in many ways. I also understand that on this level there will be more to deal with as well as more time to carefully decide who will drive the train with me. Life is all about the details and we get to decide those each and every day. I love to watch those people who decide the worth and then go and get it. They cannot do this unless their game is wrapped up tighter than a straight jacket at a magic show. I am very much comfortable with this level of preparation and thought.

   Yesterday I spoke with a woman who I feel is exceptional at what she does. I asked her to perform at an event that I will be leading later on in the year. As I spoke to her, she told me about all that she was doing right now and how much she would be doing in the future. Just some artistic plans and some new directions that she will move into. There was such clarity and steadfastness in her voice. It was completely soothing to listen to and I believed every word that she said. Without a doubt, this young and talented woman has all of the tools that she needs to be wildly successful. Unfortunately, none of those things can guarantee that you will make to the top in our field. There are too many variable to name and that is why continuing to push forward despite any road blocks is imperative.

    I took note as to what affected me during our conversation and then I asked myself what more I could be doing right now to push further ahead in my profession. I also had some small motivating factors throughout the day yesterday as well. Although I will not mention them here, let me just say that they had to do with under sights of others that directly affected me. Things that would not have happened had I been in control of those factors. Enough said about that. So as we look around at others, what do we see? Do we see what we wish we had or what we plan to do better? Don't waste time wishing that you had the success that others have. If you had all that they have, then you would also inherit the problems that they have as well. All successful people have internal challenges of some sort in their personal or business areas. We just cannot see those things because at times we are concentrating on how much abundance, or attention that they are receiving.

    In closing, let me say that I want the best for everyone and i constantly make sure that I am standing for others on their journey whenever I can. Comparison is the poison that slows down our progress and self dissection is the fuel that propels it down the highway. I am taking note of everything that brushes by me each and every day. However, once I start comparing myself to others, then I am out of my body, out of alignment, and quite frankly, out of bounds. Do you feel me? Carry on soul warriors. Create a fantastic day and do it on purpose. Ciao



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