Love Wins Again And Again

  So now its legal for any gay couple from either side of the fence to be together in any state across the country. This is a victory for all of those people who felt that they were held back prior to this decision. People being together should be something that we don't spend this time on in my book. I feel that we are uniquely different in far too many ways. I am very happy that more people are more at ease in this life at this present time. It makes for more openness and clarity in the world. There is now yet another reason for human beings to be happy. I love it.

   I am curious about how this new decision will affect the rate of divorce as well. I did some research recently and found out some interesting tidbits about marriage right now. It said that roughly 70% of marriages that began in the 90's reached their 15th season. That was such a great statistic to read. Also, that the median age that people are marrying is actually getting higher. So if you are more mature when you get married, I am thinking that you might make better decisions and take it more seriously. Who knows what will happen until you take the leap right?

   When I think about this decision, I am also baffled a bit because people have been living together as same sex couples and doing truly remarkable things for quite some time. So to say that now the government allows you to do it is a breakthrough, has a bit of gray area to me as well. I am not living the life of a gay man or woman, so I am not familiar with the day to day struggles that they endure. However, I do know that they get what they want and they do what they want almost all of the time. I have always respected that about them. They will push on and move mountains if they need to.

   I have a vision that this decision will create more love overall and I am so happy about that. It is not important to me that there are some people who are highly against this decision. There will always be people who are opposed to every decision. That is how life works and that will never change. Just as many people had to get used to the US having a black president, they will have to get used to seeing more men in the roles of husband and husband, as well as more women being in the roles of wife and wife. Life is truly opening up and spreading its wings for the betterment of each individual soul and their needs. Love does not have a sexual preference. You cannot control where it lands. It just shows up and does its thing. Imagine if just a few more things in this life had the power of love? There would be less difficulty, less friction, less mystery as to why we cannot just exist as one. Think about that. Thank you for being here.



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