In Your Head

 I have been in my head for about a week now. I can openly admit it. This is when you are thinking about the things that you are thinking about more than looking around you and exchanging information as well as deciding to change certain things by simply making a decision. There is fear involved in staying in your head as well. I am happy to report that I have not been fearful this week enough to call any attention to it. I just know that the plans and the changes that are on the horizon for me are astronomical. I feel them creeping up on me like an alligator in the dark right off of the water's edge. I have no idea where that last sentence came from.

  If we all stayed in our head all of the time, we would surely be in for a rude awakening in many ways. Imagine not seeking answers to your questions or not making any strides to make things around you any better? I had a brief conversation today with fellow musician and we spoke of how this industry wants us to see ourselves as just another musician with no special skills whatsoever. Like if 20 people showed up at a construction site at 6 am for work. They all have come to get paid for an honest days work.Their only job is to knock down a building with demolition tools. No special skills are required, it is without a doubt, a mindless job. If one person showed up and told them that they would do the job for $20 an hour instead of the $12 that everyone else was given, what do you think would happen? That person would probably be sent away.

   So the question is, do you let go of your self worth by agreeing to the rate of pay that everyone gets? Some would say yes, while others, would give a resounding no. This all in our heads. We learn to settle and not make any noise, and to just be quiet and be massaged in status quo oils. Then later on when we have the power to stand up to it, we don't because we have learned not to. That becomes our normal way of being. It becomes normal and then that is what we become as well.

   I have been juggling possibilities and making projections, and not moving towards my goals with enough fervor. The interesting thing is that I have been doing many other things in the interim. Some have been non productive, while others have been closer on track. Each time we get out of our heads, things begin to happen so rapidly. Our stories are usually so far from reality. We know the reasons why we get stuck are within us almost every time. So how is being in your head a safe place to marinate, when it actually slows us down? These are the questions that we have to ask over and over again.

   I am back once again to daily blogging and looking for the magic. I actually never left. I was just doing some internal perspective diving. That is probably and excuse though. Get out of your head and onto the field. The game is already in session and you are out of time outs. Peace



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