Doppelgänger / ONE LOVE BUS

 I had things to do yesterday and I did them. However, I was distracted and quite amazed by this intense energy that I encountered. He and I both had dreads. He was an artist in several ways. I engaged with him after seeing the bus that is in the picture above. It's called "The One Love Bus". The inside was custom done and it was truly magnificent. I saw him out of the corner of my eye and he exuded the purest energy that anyone could ever hope for. We spoke and he answered my questions about this magnificent vehicle. The conversation went in so many directions. This guy was just the biggest spirit that I have met in a very long time. Let me rephrase that, he was a unique spirit. There are no competitions with spirits. They are all unique and interesting.

   I titled this posting what I did because I see this man as how I see myself out in the world. I believe that we all see ourselves in particular light. I see so much in this guy that I see in my self that it shocked me in a very profound way. His stories, his many different interests and talents, his way of connecting. It was all so very close to my own flow. I was taken aback. I cannot get as close to this emotion as I would like to in this posting. All that I can say is that I met a kindred spirit for sure. I had stopped to get a vegan ice cream cone and before I knew it, I was sitting on the inside of this bus speaking to a man that could have been my brother. Did I mention that we resemble each other as well? This was not a chance meeting and I knew it right away.

   I offered to buy him and ice cream as well. We sat there in the bus and just talked about many things. So many people passed by and were in awe of this amazing vehicle. As you can see, its far more than a conversational piece. While we were there a woman came up to the bus and asked if she could rent the bus for her child's birthday this Friday. I had asked him not even 15 minutes before if he had ever thought of renting it out for functions. The power of the spoken word is immeasurable. These moments were very magical.

   We parted and met up again in the evening to enjoy some amazing food in nearby Brooklyn, which was also awesome. We were joined by a lovely woman from Puerto Rico who created the perfect balance between us. The evening could not have been any better to say the very least. This kind of chance meeting is exactly what makes life worth living for me. I stay open and ready for times like this in my life. I feel that this incredible man and I are going to do some amazing things together. I cannot explain why, I just do. I want you to know who he is and how you can order from him if you like. I did forget to mention one important thing. His name is Idris, and he and his wife also own a salon in Philadelphia called RASA SALON . You have to go to the site and check it out. This couple is so dynamic. Idris has a little specialized company of his own as well called IDRIS DESIGNS. He does custom vintage auto and motorcycle upholstery and interiors. He also sews clothing and creates custom designed instruments. I could go on describing his talents for much longer. This guy is next level.

   So there it is. I made a new friend for life and I am so excited to see what things we do together. I mean our talent and interests combined can shake the globe for real. I have no doubt about it. To remain open and curious is to find gold and diamonds each and every day. I hope you hear me loud and clear. Thank you for being here with me. It makes a big difference.



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