Directing Emotion

  I once heard someone say that you can decide how you want to feel in every moment of your life. I am not sure where I was in that very moment and I do not remember who said that. However, now that I am a little more mature, I get it. We get angry, because we allow ourselves to do so. Sometimes that can be useful for certain people. Why, you may ask? Well, for some us, it teaches us that we don't want to revisit that emotion anymore. While for others, it becomes their go to way of being because they are certain that it defines them and lets others know who they are. Well, if I get to know you as a complainer, a gossiper, a person with hate and disdain, or a blamer, I cannot say that I will be planning on being in your space too consistently. I think you hear where I am coming from quite clearly.

   A couple of days ago, I decided to claim my attitude and act from my most authentic self and it paid off in a very big way. I faced what was once a a ravenous pit bull and it turned into a newborn puppy that only wanted to love me and show me affection. I was so proud of the entire series of events. It's such a truism that we all have seasons and different ways of seeing things at certain times. This can change at the drop of a hat, just by another force, usually an outside one, making an appearance either scheduled or not. We all remember our happiest moments just as well as our darkest ones. However, what is it that makes some people feed the darkest moments when the happy ones are so much more accessible at all times. We will always learn more from pain than pleasure. However, we will always spend less time and energy by just deciding that we will claim our own well being no matter what happens around us.

   When you say the word emotion, the obvious word nestled in it is "motion". I interpret this word as energy in motion. So if you wanted to catch a rabbit, you would walk and run a different way than if you were trying to catch a roach let's say. I am not advocating the killing of any creature, just giving you a reference point. I know that our emotions are the driving forces that make or break our progress. At times we get so emotional without even knowing the entire story. I talked about this in my last posting. We can all create a successful story in our heads that drives us through the storm that we think we see. Have you ever been around someone that has an uncanny talent to predict how everything will go terrible for them? Isn't it fascinating that they are almost always dead on it? This is not a mistake at all.

    We are all discovering new things about ourselves each and every day. We do not always speak them out loud, nor do we admit them when they make us feel less than. However, I am certain that we can direct our emotions. Is every clown that does a children's party happy each and every time? I think not. Is the flight attendant that serves you your drink as bright and sunny inside as she seems every day? I think not. We all have to push a bit harder from time to time when we feel a little bit low or need a bit of a refill. My point is that we all know what makes us feel good and we can access it during the most challenging of times if we decide to. The question at this point is, Are you directing your emotions, or are your emotions directing you? Thank about that and listen to your inner voice's answer. Peace



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