Without Asking Or Telling, They Hear You

 I am about to get deep. So in our lives we will hit a few walls from time to time. Many times, we will tell our closest people when this happens. However, some of those times we will not utter a word. In the times that we do not speak of our challenges we are mostly choosing to take care of any given situation on our own and not to bother anyone. That statement is the one we render many times in our lives for sure. We tell the people that we are closest to that we did not want to bother them with our troubles or our shortcomings. The interesting thing though, is that in the end, they hear us even when we do not speak about it.

  I believe that humans are just born good on many levels. We learn over time to curl up and block love and fight against forgiveness and all of that low vibrational stuff. I say that we learn it, but what I really mean is that we sign up for it with our own souls willingly. Just the other day I was on the train and I watched a man of about 40 or so looking at an older woman who seems as though she was loosing her equilibrium while walking over to an open seat. He did not know her, however, he walked quickly to stand behind her just in case. That was immensely moving to watch. She never asked him a thing, he just felt it and went with his gut or possibly his heart. Maybe he has a mother or had a grandmother that had just passed or something. Either way, he stepped up and over and the woman was very appreciative as she gave him the soft wave and then placed her hand on her heart.

   So I write this posting to celebrate the people in our lives who reach out when they see or just feel you needing a hand or a word of confidence or even just their presence. In these moments, I have learned to just allow it to happen. It strengthens them as much as it strengthens you. For some people,  helping others is more important than helping themselves. In the end, they may have given up on themselves to a certain point. In other words, you are actually giving them life by allowing them to give you a little boost. This concept makes me watch certain people in my life a bit closer.

   I recently spent a very short time with my parents. I have three of them. Each one of them are unique and very intense in my opinion. I was on an overnight trip and I could only see them for one hour or so each. My time was short and I was there on business. It was so soothing to be with them even for that small amount of time. I could feel their concern for my well being as well as their happiness that I was doing what I love and being compensated for it. Once again, without actually asking them or telling them certain things, they asked the right questions and expressed themselves in a completely cohesive way. They always connect with me. I am so grateful for these connections.

   We all have times when we swear that we are closing off the world to our deepest and inner most concerns, but most times we are actually amplifying them. How does that work you may ask? Well, we send out the vibrations whether we like it or not. Isn't that a shame? Wouldn't it be cool if we could just hide out and be something other than we truly are more often? I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that people do that all of the time right? Well, I am here to tell you, they are not hiding at all and neither are we. The right people always see us when we are in need of them. These are also the people that lift us up and smack us around as well when we most require it. That is my story and I am wrapping in up on that note. I approve this message.



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