Will You Answer One Question On Camera?

 This is what the guy said to me that approached me today. He actually asked me the question before he started taping me and then asked it again as he started recording. The question was,"What would you do if you had $2000 that you had to give away, but you could not spend it on yourself or your family?" I thought quickly and then some quick answers came into my head. These are the complete answers that I gave him:

  - Got to Tompkins Square park and feed all the homeless people that I see with about $300.
  - Take $500 of it and give it to a son or daughter of someone that I know to start an account.
  - Go to a school and donate $500 to the music department so that they can buy some instruments.
  - Send the last $700 to a person who I know needs it anonymously in the form of a money order.

   This guy literally popped up out of nowhere to ask me this question and he was so happy with my answers. He asked me for my email and said that the producers would probably be contacting me. As I walked away, I thought about my answers. There was some interesting feedback from this little pop up exercise. Firstly, I was caught completely off guard. Secondly, I believe that these answers were things that I actually want to do and not what ifs at all. Thirdly, what is on the other side of me being put on video. Everything starts somewhere and usually for good reason.

    So if you were asked this question, what would you say? Ask yourself the question and write down what you would do. If you are feeling daring in the near future, just do it and see how it makes you feel. I believe that all that is released comes back around in many ways. That goes of good and not so good things. I know that karma is real. I have felt it on many occasions and seen clear examples of it.

    The biggest thing that I thought of was how we place things that are attainable on a fantasy level all too often. I have been surprised so many times at how easy a seemingly difficult thing can be to achieve if we look under more rocks and through more crevices. I of course feel that giving is almost always the answer. Also learning how to receive is still tough at certain times. I mean look at it in reverse. What would happen if every time a person tried to give you something you declined it and kept all gifts and offers for help at bay? The cycle would be broken right? They both create a magical reaction that we try need to feel alive. This has been a great day. I hope you took something for yourself from this posting. Sending you abundance to the tenth power.





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