What's Right With You?

  The opposite of this question is painfully obvious. So why do most people not switch it up when they find themselves up against the wall? In my opinion, it's because there are too many people having regular group pity parties either by phone, text, or email. Let's face it, life is challenging. Even when things are really good, there is a snag or two here or there. It's also interesting that those who cannot seem to see anything good or right around them will almost always attempt to make you feel as though you are crazy. In other words, those who cannot hear the music think the dancers mad. I heard this quote years ago and it cut through me like a knife. I loved it.

   So what is right with you? Outside of the obvious things like, you are alive, you can read this posting, you are not homeless, you most likely have friends, you can eat, you have clothing, you  have the ability to make decisions that navigate the next frame in this movie, and so forth. But to be very specific, what is really right with you? Ask this question and then write your answers on a piece of paper and leave it where you can see it. I have done this exercise a few times and it makes me feel so good. Here is a little hint though, you cannot do this if you are not ready to push aside the muck that will tell you that there is nothing right with you. There are many things right with you.

    One of my favorite quotes is to go out and do something for someone that could not possibly pay you back. I bring that up because this is a way to instantly feel that there is something right with yourself. So if you went out and bought a small meal for a homeless person or drove by a welfare office and just randomly gave a ten dollar bill to the first family that you saw, it would make a difference. How could they repay you if they have no idea who you are? They could not and it feels great. I have done this.

    I would love to enter a conversation where 4 people were speaking and each person sat and spoke about the highlights of their current life. I don't mean a big ego fest, I mean an exchange that highlights the actual happiness that is being experienced right now at this very moment. What is materializing right now for you? What insights are you being blown away by right now? What energy  do you currently gravitate to when you are seeking some refuge from the outside world? What excites you each an every time you see it or feel it? Lastly, what was the last thing that someone said to you in a complimentary way? What did they say to you? Was it accurate to you? Did you feel that you were that person?

    Guess what? If you continue to showcase, highlight, or concentrate on your finer points, after a while the negative stuff cannot keep up with that vibration. I have three parents and they are constantly speaking of whats right in their world. They have such consistency with their delivery. It has been this way for years. They are not perfect, but they are consistent. I think of their influence almost daily. I do not believe that I have ever uttered the phrase, "What's wrong with me?" The truth is when you ask that question, a slew of things just show up in so many ways. Finding what's wrong with does not make you more powerful, it makes it more difficult to find what's right with you by blocking the vibration.

    Take what's right with you and spread it around today in whatever way that you can. Share a talent, make some food for someone, take a walk and give a compliment, right down all that you are grateful for, or even just think about one of your fondest accomplishments. How did it make you feel and can you create something similar again in the near future? I bet you can. What's right with you? Ask this question to yourself and demand an answer. This will change you if you choose it to. I am down the road. Thank you for being here.


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